Read through some of our favorite DIY costume ideas made with simple items you may have around your home. Halloween is just around the corner and though I’ve been busy getting ready for the Autumn Kids Jamboree, my family and I have our minds on COSTUMES. Next week, I’ll be sharing the DIY costumes I’m making for Nora and me, (HINT: they’re both strong females) but until then, I thought I’d share costumes from past years that I loved putting together! Ready for a blast from the past?


Moana costume

Get the tutorial by clicking the link, but basically the costume is rectangles so you don’t have to have expert sewing skills.

diy moana easy costume

DIY Wonder Woman Costume

I made this DIY Wonder Woman costume so that I could wear it with my pregnant belly. For the bottom I sewed panels of blue vinyl. And then added gold duct tape for the belt. I also sewed Velcro and cut a slit in the back. For the gold armbands I just bought gold stretchy fabric and sewed them in loops. For the shirt I just wore a tight fitting red shirt. And for the headband I sewed gold pieces to a triangle piece. To finish it off I used cream colored leggings, sword and knee high boots.

diy wonder woman costume diy wonder woman costume


 Pokemon DIY costumes

While my kids will always love Pokemon, last year they were OBSESSED with playing Pokemon Go. It was only right that they dressed up as Pokemon and I dressed up as a Pokemon Trainer! These costumes were thrifted and DIYed and it was so easy to do. My kids dressed up as their Pokemon both before, during, and after Halloween. We all had such a blast!

 Belle from Beauty and the Beast

I got the chance to dress up with a bunch of other bloggers, all basing our costumes off of Shabby Apple dresses. When I saw this blue dress, I instantly thought of Belle and the live-action movie that came out recently! This is a good option if you want to be Belle, but don’t want to dress up in the big yellow dress. And honestly, I’d be Belle any day of the week. Check out the post to see how to do it along with the other girls’ costume ideas like a strawberry or jail bird.

halloween diy costumes

70’s gear and other vintage DIY costumes

If you were following me way back in 2015, you’ll remember this 70’s costume. A bunch of bloggers and me dressed up, representing each decade, using clothes from Maeberry Vintage. If you know me, you know that I love the 70’s. This vintage dress blew my mind. Dressing up in a decade costume is so east if you have a thrift or vintage clothing store nearby. You know know what you’ll find that you can use as a costume. ALSO, this is a super easy last-minute costume.

Vintage Costume Ideas

Mary Poppins

This was probably one of my favorites. For this costume use a button up shirt and black colored knee length skirt. I found this vintage hat and added a few flowers. And a ribbon around the kneck and parasol will top it off. My husband was berk to match and he used a news cap, thrifted suit coat, a bent up broom, and some dirt on his face.

diy costumes


This one was the easiest one for the year. We all wore black and I used red ribbon for the headbands. I did find additional accessories at the dollar store but in case they ran out you can get swords here. And you can get swords here and a vest too.

diy costumes


To make these we just purchased yellow shirts and felt. And then we cut out the shape of the emoji we wanted and hot glued them one.

diy costumes



Another simple costume is to take colored sweatshirts (which is great for the cold climates) and matching felt masks from Opposite of Far.

diy costumes


For this cute idea you can purchase a pink tutu and some spotted leggings.

diy costumes

Lucy And Desi

My husband and I really liked shooting this one. I borrowed a vintage dress from Mayberry Vintage and we recreated a classic photo. Why not dress up as your favorite classic couple?

diy costume

Angry Birds

My kids are obsessed with angry birds so we used a few pajamas, some feathers, and face paint to make the classic birds versus piggy combo. For our snouts we spray painted regular snouts green.

diy costumes


Wanna go for the classic gothic costume simple think black, lace, and parasols. Suspenders, fur, and vests are a great touch. And an easy way to add variations is face paint. Gothic zombies or gothic vampires?

If you’re up for it, DIY costumes can be some of the most memorable costumes you’ll ever wear. I love that I can let it show my personality. I’m so excited to share my next DIY costumes with you next week, be sure to be looking out for them!