Welcome to the Canary Art Club, a fun creativity filled weekly art club for youth and adults starting age 4. Every week we will explore and learn different art mediums while creating a myriad of crafts. Do you or your child want to try a new hobby, make friends, or learn art?

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WHO & WHEN: Weekly classes –

Thursday – 6:30-7:30pm (4-13 Children’s Class)

Classes will run from September until May with an optional art camp in the summer

WHERE: 2822 E Saddle Rock Rd, Eagle Mountain 84005


Monthly Fee: $50 for one month up front or $15 drop in fee

Pay for the 9 months up front and receive a discount. Ask how.

One Time Registration Fee: $20 includes personal sketch book, canvas tote, art apron, and additional art supplies throughout the club duration.

Monthly fees cover 4 classes every month and materials unless specified. The monthly fees are due by the 25th of the previous month to ensure materials can be arranged for each class. This also secures your spot in the club as spots are limited.

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This Art Club is a place for fun and friendship. All welcome. What will the club be like? The first week we will personalize our art totes with a buffet of art supplies. Another week we will walk around the fall leaves collecting pretty things and make a collage. We are going to learn about influential artists and how they impacted our world. And then we will practice their style of artwork while enjoying a taste of their world and culture. We will listen to music and create reactive art. We will pick a flower and talk about perspective, lighting, and color theory. Some weeks we will practice learning our new art medium. Some weeks we will craft. We are going to have so much fun!

We live in a world of constant stimulation and screens. Let’s detach and make art happen! The Canary Art Club will give you or your child a designated weekly hour of awesome interactive explorative creative inspiration. Each class will introduce mediums, art education with you or your child leaving with optional projects for home. This is perfect exposure or for budding artists to get a taste of different mediums and styles.

The Canary Art Club is suitable for ages 4+ age old. The syllabus has been adapted for this age with optional modified projects according to level and maturity. Your child, if applying, should be able to sit still for a period of time, listen to directions, and have fun!

2023 SYLLABUS (new and improved)

Here’s a snippet of the 2023 syllabus including some of the crafts and mediums we will be studying. Also included is the artist of the month.

September –

Line, stroke, form. Basic Drawing, Pencil, Ink and Charcoal education. Bill Watterson and Cartoon illustrations. Basic shading.

October –

Color, color theory. Acryclic Painting. Basic paint strokes. Frida Kahlo. Dia De Los Muertos and Mexican Folk Art. Halloween craft.

November –

Composition and Shape. Sculptures. Antony Gormley. Nature walk and fall headwear/collage.

December –

Fashion design, patterns and jewelry making. Thandiwe Muriu. African design. Bead garland for Christmas decor. Bracelet or jewelry for gift.

January –

Collage and mixed media. Leonardo Da Vinci. Pointillism. Snow flakes mobile. Winter scenery. Flying machines. Functional art.

February –

Review of composition, intro to Calligraphy and typography, print, pop art and digital art exposure. Huan Tingjian. Calligraphy and Asian history. Valentines Making.

March –

Watercolor. Spring scenery painting. St Patrick’s Day. Claude Monet. Impressionism. Plein Air.

April –

Perspective. Digital Photography. Review of composition and intro into art in architecture. Frans Lanting. Earth Day. Easter craft.

May –

Review of materials and syllabus. Feeling and emotion in art. Abstract art. End of Term Art Party and gallery.


Natashia McLean is a published freelance creative. Her favorite mediums are ink and acrylic paint. But through her career she has learned many artistic skills such as photography, adobe suites, graphic design and more. As a local influencer, artist, event coordinator and social media marketer, Natashia has been able to use her skills as an artist to support her family and speak at various national conferences.

Natashia is the mother of six children ages 3-16. Through the years Natashia has shared her love of creativity with her children. Many of them draw and create constantly throughout the day. Because of their love while creating, Natashia has created this Art Club to spread creativity and inspire other future artists and creatives.

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