Read through how to make your own advent that features a new name of Christ every day until Christmas. I love a good Christmas advent. And I recently saw this concept but found it was pricey. So I decided to make my own and share it with you.

This Christmas advent is easy to make and takes only a few supplies, some which you may already have. And my favorite part is it focuses on Jesus Christ, which is the reason for the season. You can find more Christ centered diy here.


• 24 X 4 X 2 inch piece of wood

• printed names of Christ (below)

• candles (I got mine at $ store but any small birthday candles will work)

• power drill

• ruler

• pencil

• modge posge

• varnish (optional)

• sanding paper (optional)


1. Prep your wood by cleaning and sanding as needed. You can also stain or paint the wood.

2. Measure out 24 spots for the candles by using your ruler and a pencil. Mark each one inch in and about an inch apart.

3. Use your drill and a 1/4 rotary drill bit (unless your using a larger candle. This size is for birthday candles).

4. After making your marks, drill into the wood about 1/2 inch in. Make sure to drill straight down into the wood. Sand the holes as needed.

5. Print out the Christ names printable below. Cut them out and glue them on below the holes.

6. Cover the names with modge podge.

7. Add the candles and you’re done.

Free Christ Names Free Printable

I made two different types of fonts for you to choose. Pick one and right click on the image. When a window comes up, click “save file” or something similar to save to your computer. Then once you have saved it, you can open the file and print it. These are to be used for personal use.

Every day you can light one candle counting to Christmas and think of Christ. For a deeper study you can search and learn about each name each day for scripture study. An alternative to this craft is to use a circle piece of wood, paint the wood a different color, or use transfer paper.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Below I’ve linked my free paper advent you can print and my study of the botanicals of Christ. Check it out.


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