New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so I’ve rounded up some really fun activities to do with your families and kids. I’ve listed some great printables and free downloads to make a time capsules or color some coloring pages. Read some activity ideas as well to keep kids busy and have fun. Happy new year!

  1. Check out these free printables that are fun for documenting the new year.

2. Print off these clock faces to make new year’s plates and learn how to make poppers for some added fun!

3. Make these adorable New Year’s Eve bubble wands using beads and pipe cleaners. Even without the bubbles these are adorable.

4. Another easy craft using pipe cleaners check out these easy firework rings! So fun!

5. Grab some sticky notes and make a wishing wall!

6. Make some new years smile or playdough with this recipe.

7. I love this idea of a noise maker because you can store them and use them year after year.

8. Such a cute idea to have your own countdown ball.

9. Make a Time Capsule to start of your year. Let each kid fill out the free printable sheet here.

10. if you’re looking for another way to count down other than balloons try these paper sacks.

11. Here’s a roundup of the balloon countdown for NYE.

12. If you’re up for confetti, these easy DIY poppers will be so fun.

13. Print this word search to keep your older kids busy.

14. Such fun party hats are these coloring diy party hats for New Year’s Eve.

15. Check out this roundup of games.

Have a great New Year’s Eve friends! I hope it’s filled with confetti and fun.