Looking for a simple and whimsical Christmas ornament craft? Look no further, this toilet paper roll snowflake craft that’s nearly free and simple to make.

For this design you’ll want at least a few rolls. You can also use wrapping paper tubes (convenient am I right?) or paper towel tubes. For this particular design you’ll need 16 – 1 inch strips,

You can hang them in your windows, tree, or on a wreath. Paint them and add glitter or keep it as is for a rustic look. Here’s the instructions.


  • Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or wrapping paper tubes (perfect way to recycle after wrapping
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Scissors


  • Plug in your hot glue gun.
  • Cut toilet paper rolls into 15 – 1 inch strips.
  • Bend the rolls into scallop 5 shapes.
  • Bend 5 more rolls into bow shapes.
  • Snip 5 more and roll them into a scroll shape.
  • Start with the scallop shapes, gluing them together to make the poinsettia flower shape.
  • Next glue the bow shapes to the pointed ends.
  • Lastly glue the scroll shapes between each of the scallops.

You can also add the toilet paper snowflakes to an existing winter image like the wines below.

There you go! Look for the macrame snowflake dropping next Monday. Merry Christmas.

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