Read how to make a diy graduation lei. They are super simple, easy to make, and fairly inexpensive. These graduation candy necklace leis are sure to make your grad smile and feel special.

You’ll need a few items like candy, cellophane or foil, ribbon, and of course, candy. I got all of these items from the dollar store making each necklace a cost of less than $5 each.

Something to consider when picking candy is if it will be hot out. If so you may want to opt for candy that won’t melt. Also when you buy the foil paper from the dollar store it is in the wrapping section. Sometimes it’s see through some times it’s not. Make sure it’s not paper but more of a plastic material. Alright here’s the official instructions:


• ribbons

• scissors

• foil or cellophane

• 10 medium pieces of candy

1. Cut the foil or cellophane into a 36”-45” shape according the the shape and length you want to the necklace. You can measure with your own neck. Make note that when you put candy in it, it will be shorter.


2. Lay out your candy in blocks worth about 3-4 inches space between each block.

3. Cut a 10”-15” ribbon piece. The longer the ribbon the more curls you’ll have.

4. Take your piece and tie one knot about three inches from the end.

5. Put your candy on the inside of the paper and tightly wrap the paper around it.

6. Secure the candy tightly wrapped with another piece of ribbon the same size as the last.

7. Continue steps 3-6 until you reach the other end.

8. To finish the necklace bring both ends together and tie them together.

9. Curl the ribbons to add a finishing touch.

That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to add money or other toys or goodies for fun!