I asked on Facebook what gifts teachers love the most. The answer? Gift cards. Some threw out Xanax or personal items. And another said, “Please no more mugs.” So here are 5 free printable tags that go with 5 different gifts including gift cards. Make and DIY these teacher appreciation gifts for the end of school gift. Your teachers will love these!

Here are the sayings and what items go with each item. I tied each item together with the tag. You could use ribbon or put each in a bag and have the tag tied onto the handle. Have fun! And grab the free printable cards and tags below.

Youve filled my mind with cool things and you’ve really been a lifesaver (Water bottle full of lifesavers)

Even though I’ve been a bit of a nut I think you’ve got the write stuff (nuts +fun or fancy pen)

It has really been a TREAT learning from you. (Candy or chocolate) THANK YOU!

Have a great summer under the SUN. (Towel and sunglasses)\

You really have been a gift. (gift card)

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Notes

Grab these free printable notes here:

Free Printable DIY Gift Bundle


Teachers are angels! And I’m so grateful for them. They’ve taught my kids so much. So I’m happy to show my appreciation.

Here are some more DIY gift ideas.