Hi there! I’m Natashia and this is my site and shop that I’ve called Canary Jane. I’ve always liked making stuff. So I’ve done that through nail art to scrap-booking to fashion to photography to interior design to painting.  Creativity is a from of expression for me and a drive. Basically its what I’m about.

So this is my blog and site where I am documenting my shenanigans of a mom of four kids, fitness instructor at the LDS MTC, a blogger, and published illustrator. I like to stay involved in the blogger community so you may read about that here. And of course there’s gonna be lots of posts about my family.   

You want to learn more about my journey in illustration? Its been a awesome ride so far. I am currently doing a lot of client work such as stop animations, logo, and other freelance illustrations. I published my first coloring book last December. And to top it off I have an etsy shop where I sell prints. You can see my portfolio here.

Another fact to know is I am openly a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My artwork and life are directly affected by my religious beliefs. This being said I respect all religions and love having friends of other faiths.

Getting to this place, my own creative space and shop, has been a journey. Visiting family in Southern California my family would drive past the Disney animation studio and I would dream of working there. 

While my dreams have shifted they still are based on the fact that I can have a career using my creative talents. For those who’ve known me for a while, thanks for always believing in me and my talent. Much love. And for those new, “hi, hello, and hola!”