Buy my coloring book


Ok, ok… my announcement is my coloring book is officially published!!! I have been working on this for months and I practically cried when I saw it was published. It really is a huge goal of mine and this is a huge step towards some long term goals of mine which are to illustrate a series of children’s books. I know that sounds crazy, but if you had told me a year ago I would be publishing a coloring book I would have thought that was crazy. So I don’t doubt crazy ideas anymore.How did this happen? First of all I have to give credit to God. This year I felt very prompted to focus on my art and the talents God has given me. It was kind of a scary transition because I didn’t think this time of my life would come until the kids were older. But regardless I felt it was right. So I love to instagram. You probably already know that. And through good marketing, a publisher called Paige Tate found me and offered this coloring book deal. Really, I believe it is Heavenly Father guiding my life. And I’m grateful to be able to use my talents to build His kingdom and spread light.

One really cool thing that happened this evening is I was sitting at the computer and Tyson, my oldest, came over and asked about what I was doing. I then explained that mommy had illustrated a book! He gave me the biggest squeeze. And then he told me about how he wanted to write a book and wanted me to illustrate it! If I can do anything with my life I hope to inspire my children.
Also thanks to Cecila Harvard for taking these fun photos for me to remember this moment. And my outfit which is from She Traveled and watch from Arvo.
So here is the big announcement, my coloring book. It’s called “Color the Temples : An LDS Coloring Book“. I feel privileged to be able to create artwork in line with my beliefs. The publishers gave me the option to write a welcome on the inside of the book in a few sentences. When they asked I felt like I could have written a talk about my testimony of temples and this coloring book. But I wanted to share the few sentences I was able to widdle it down to.
It says, “Temples are a place a peace. They uplift us and are a safe haven from the world. As we ponder and draw closer to them our lives are enriched. Please enjoy this coloring book meant to inspire and truly turn our minds and hearts toward the temple and God.”
I really believe this is true. I know temples are a sacred place. Every time I go in I feel different inside, warm. I also really enjoyed drawing this coloring book because of the knowledge I gained. There are a few pages sharing facts about temples that were really fun to research. I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks for all your support out there! I really appreciate it! Here’s to making dreams reality.