Christmas is basically here. Today we got our tree and soon enough it will be Christmas morning. My kids are obsessed as they should be. And everyday its a request to do some other Christmas activity. as creative as I like to be I also love seeing what everyone else has come up with. So I scoured Pinterest to find the best  Christmas kid activities and have compiled them for you here.
(All these amazing photos by Lizzyography )


  1. Pom- Pom Hot Cocoa Mug
  2. Write Letters to Santa
  3. Pine Cone Chrsitmas Trees
  4. Go Visit Santa
  5. Waffle Cone Christmas Trees
  6. Candy Cane Reindeer
  7. Act out the Nativity
  8. Marshmellow Snowmen
  9. Handprint Wreath
  10. Snow Dough
  11. Peppermint Ornaments
  12. Go Caroling
  13. Don’t Ring the Bells Obstacle Course
  14. Bird Seed Ornaments
  15. DIY Free Santa Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar
  16. Cotton ball Santa Beard
  17. Chalk Christmas Light Craft
  18. Make Cookies and drop them off to neighbors
  19. Paper Strip Tree
  20. Make a Ginger Bread House
  21. suzeqmutzWe make gingerbread men together
  22. gparrishSugar cookies!!
  23. michellemoehleWrapping all your children’s Christmas books and have them under the tree, each night your kids pick a present to open and read that book that night.
  24. theapricottreeYour shoes!! 😍 One of our favorite things is reading a different Christmas book together every night.
  25. babyjaneandbucklesWe had 25 pictures of Christ. The children would take turns picking out one picture each night. We would read the story on the back of the picture, and then the children got to hang the picture anywhere in the house. After 25 days there were 25 pictures of Christ hanging through out the house. Our children n poo w do this tradition with their own children.
  26. tonyavistaFormal tea parties with fancy china. I started doing them when my girls were preschoolers and did them all through Jr High and high school. No one outgrows tea parties!
Also how fun are these photos I did with fellow bloggers, Sandy (who you have seen here and here), Blakely, Alycia, and Tori?! We got together to do this fun Mommy and Me holiday shoot and I love all the fun outfit ideas everyone came up with. Nora and I are wearing the cutest matching tops from Nora Madison Design. My red watch is my favorite item to wear this season from a rad local buisness called Arvo. My shoes are from Famous Footwear and are on sale! And my hat is from the dollar spot at target! Heck yah!
I hope your family enjoys this season as much as we do. I feel more of the Christmas spirit when I do these activities so I hope one of these ideas helps your home feel merry and bright! As always feel free to comment with an idea and I’ll add it to the list. And have a great rest of the week!
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