Make these easy teenie beanie Craft with yarn and toilet paper tubes. It takes 15-45 min depending on who is making it.
These wee beanies are a perfect craft for winter break to do with kids and teenagers. They’re great for large groups as it takes minimal supplies. You can make them for your tree, winter decor, or keychains. So they’re fun not just for Christmas.

  • yarn
  • toilet paper roll tubes
  • scissors
  • ruler or book
  1. Cut a 1 inch piece off of an toilet paper roll.
  2. Using a ruler wrap yarn 20X. Or if you’re doing multiple colors, divide according to the amount of colors being used.
  3. Cut the yarn on the ends so the yarn is in 12 inch strips.
  4. Take one strip and fold it in half, and then place through the middle of the tube with the loop sticking out.
  5. Then take the other end and loop it around the tube through the other end. Repeat this around the tube until the tube is covered.
  6. Push the ends through the tube and tie a piece around the yarn.
  7. Then cut the ends to make the Pom Pom top.

If you haven’t seen the silly teenie weenie beanie video by Jimmy Fallon , you can watch it here. Also check out my version on Instagram here. Have a very Merry Christmas.


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