Read through our tips of how we went to Topaz Mountain this weekend. We had 8 kids collectively and wanted to share some tips for anyone else wanting to go. I wish I had known these tips and FAQ.

1. Go at the right time.

We went in the spring and I think it honestly would be so hot if you went anytime after this time of year. Topaz Mountain is located in central Utah and has hardly any trees for shade. Go when the weather is mild.

2. Plan for lodging.

The drive took us over two hours from Eagle Mountain, Utah. We decided to get a hotel in Delta, which is an hour away so we could wake up and hike and dig for rocks.

We stayed at the Days Inn which wasn’t half bad. The hotel is dated and he average sized rooms for a motel. But overall and considering the options, I would recommend it.

They have laundry, swimming pool and jacuzzi. And what was totally worth it for us, a 2.5/5 breakfast. When we’re there they served cold and hot cereal, fruit cups, hot drinks, omelet packages, muffins, granola bars, and yogurt.

There is also other motels in Delta as well as camping at BLM lands near Topaz Mountain. The drive is fairly far from most towns and food so plan timing accordingly.

3. Know where to dig for Topaz

We went digging for gems and only found a few pieces. We went to the north side where google maps took us. Then we went to the east side. We later found out that the south and west side is better. The south side has a paid portion you can do to guarantee you get crystals. Be careful of private claims.

With kids, I recommend the paid area. From someone who hiked around an entire day with kids in tow I wish I had done the paid portion to yield more reward. If you are a skilled rock hounder feel free to explore the left side of the amphitheater. Scroll to the coordinates.

This is the North Side
This is the North East Side

4. What to Bring to Topaz Mountain.

And delay is over an hour so bring lots of snacks, meals (we did meat sandwich), and lots of water!

Bring good shoes, hats, and sunscreen. It would be good to bring work gloves, small rock hammers, a screw driver and hammer, and colanders.

6. How to dig for rocks at Topaz Mountain

A few things to know about Topaz is it is a hard mineral so you don’t need to worry about breaking it. Also as you look for it know that Topaz fades in the sunlight to clear. So topaz you might find in the washes or dirt will be clear. But the topaz from breaking open the rhyolite will be champagne colored.

Also something to know is you can also find jasper, red beryl and other gems at topaz mountain. Learn about each of these stones.

How to dig for Topaz was an important thing to learn before hand. Look for rhyolite, which is white stone. And then look for seems and gaps. You can also look for holes that look like Swiss cheese or gas bubbles. This is where the topaz forms. You can also sift for topaz in the wash areas.

7. Plan ahead.

There was little to no cell service. So download or print maps before going. Like I mentioned, Topaz mountain is far from really anything. Pack food, water, hiking tools, toilet paper :), and anything else you’ll need to spend the day out there.

8. Do your research. Here’s another article and some coordinates to help you. You can have a great time. Comment with questions.

Here’s a place to find more details.

The Rockhounder: Topaz and other minerals found at Topaz Mountain, Juab County

Turnoff toward Topaz Mountain (Topaz Road) from state Route 174:

39° 39’ 43.7”N, 113° 03’ 42.7”W

The Dome:

39° 41’ 48.9”N, 113° 05’ 54.4”W

The Amphitheater:

39° 42’ 1.1”N, 113° 06’ 21.6”W

Dugway Geode Beds:

39° 59’ 39.3”N, 113° 08’ 11.7”W

Antelope Ridge:

39° 41’ 47.2”N, 113° 02’ 37.0”W