Hey there! Summer is going way too fast! So I decided to make a summer craft before the season’s over. Here is a summer floppy word hat DIY. This craft cost under $15 and is really quick. It’s also
really trendy right now and so fun to add something to your summer wardrobe.
Swimsuit from Billie Jo Clothing, photography by Evelyn Cervantes.
We are going to Seattle and Las Vegas later this summer for
vacation so I am really excited to bring my hat. We love getting away in the
summer and seeing family. And I love summer accessories too!

Here’s how to make this fun and simple floppy hat.
You will
A floppy hat (I got mine from Charlotte Rouse for $10)
Contrasting Ribbon
Hot Glue gun with glue sticks or fabric glue
How to do it this craft:
1. Plug you hot glue gun in.
2. Get out your floppy hat, ribbon, and scissors.
3. Decide what phrase or word you want on your hat. I did
“Just Chillin'”
4. Plan out your words and the spacing. If it helps use chalk
or a pencil to write it first on your hat.
5. Place the glue along your letters and carefully place the
ribbon down on the hat along to make each letter.

6. Trim the ribbon after each letter. And at the end of all
the letters remove the extra hot glue strings.
Thats it! Wasn’t that easy?! So what summer plans do you
have?  Here’s to summer slowing down and enjoying some sun. Comment below with any questions you make have. Have the best summer day ever!