When you have three boys and your last is a girl you may tend to go over board with the girly pink stuff. I mean, I try really hard not to push her. But sometimes it’s hard to hold back. So I’m getting all the girl stuff out of the way while she’s young and when she gets older she can have a Ninja Turtle party. Actually on that note, a girl themed Ninja Turtle party would be pretty fun. 
So for Noras second birthday I planned a Sunshine and Sprinkles birthday party for her. At night my husband sings “You are my Sunshine” to her all the time. And this girl sure loves sprinkles so voila!


 For the Sunshine and Sprinkles party we had macaroons, a sprinkles cake, sprinkle popcorn, and sprinkled cotton candy. We could not have enough sprinkles! Haha! Check out how we made this bright and sunny day come true.
Cake : Plum Cakery
Macaroons : The Blonde Who Bakes


I teamed up with a bunch of my favorite shops for the decor and I love how the pinks and yellows all came together!!  Basically this was the happiest party ever. To ad a fun touch I bought clear serving dishes from the dollar store and filled them with sprinkles of course.
“You are my Sunshine” Banner : Jade With Love
Yellow Fabric Banner : That Playhouse
Confetti Balloons and Candles : Knot and Bow
Yellow lantern, gumballs, sunglasses : Zurchers
So part of having just one girl means I’m going to be super excited when it comes to dressing her. thankfully I got the girliest cutest tut around for her. 


For the activities, we played with bubbles, played with a large parachute, and colored. When the birthday girl is two keeping a party simple is the best choice.

Also, of course, I had to design an invitation and of course I’m going to share it with you! Click below to print for Freeee!

FREE PRINTABLE INVITE; By me! (scroll to the bottom to snag this)

For parting gifts, we sent everyone home with some cute glasses since its so “Sunny” out. 
And some more super cute photos…
And that’s the party in a nutshell! You can also see my Pinterest board for some more inspiration. Let me know any questions you have and keep on the sunny side of life, my friends!!

Sunshine and Sprinkles Free Printable Invite Birthday Invitation

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