If you know me then you know I love to throw parties and have struggled with keeping the parties simple. It’s a tough balance for me because I love planning, shopping, and putting the party together. Its another way I can express my creativity. So while I’d like to say this party was simple I need to say that it was a success. Period.

I had found some chocolate tools after Easter on sale and then by luck found plastic hats and construction vests at a thrift store, in the package! It was meant, my Dane was supposed to have a Worker Party. Thankfully he was still a little one who is a big fan of diggers so he was thrilled for his party.

I had a lot of fun with chocolate when I planned this party cause “A” it looks like dirt and matched the brown, orange, and black theme and “B” My family loves chocolate. I had chocolate tools, pretzels, cake, and chocolate covered Oreos. Most of the treats were from Summertime Sweets, a talented shop that makes amazing chocolaty treats. She is based in Utah so give her a call if you’re local. Her email is Summertimesweets3@gmail.com. She made the amazing treats pictured below.

 For activities I had plastic tools and a workbench for the kids to build with. We also had a bounce house thanks to my parents. We played a few games and had fun music playing which all made for a fun and busy birthday for my little guy. I think the kids had the most fun eating all the chocolate. I’ll just say “Sorry” to all the parents who came.

A fun DIY I did is I made construction cones out of Styrofoam cups and foam boards from the dollar store. I cups the boards in a squares about 2 inches wider and the cups and glued them together. Then I painted them orange. So simple and just $2 for up to 10 cones! Below are some custom wraps I made for the cones too!

Another fun DIY is I made measuring tapes by taking popsicle stick and measuring tape ribbon which I found in the craft section of Walmart. The kids ran around measuring everything haha.

 Since I did all this work I figured I share it all and give you the files I created for the party. Overall I think the kids and parents had a fun time. The kids weren’t the only ones to enjoy these tasty treats! And I know my man as I was writing this post kept saying, “My worker party!” So here’s more details about the party. If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

Children’s Worker Party

What I made that you can print for FREE! What’s the point of making stuff if I can’t share it? Click here to see the free printables.
Some items I purchased and have linked up for you so making this party is super easy!