Just a little update cause I’ve had a couple friends asking how everything is going with the transition and such. And my response to this has been, “Crazy but good” Yeah. The shop is going well. I’ve had a handful of orders, thank you. I’m halfway through my collab list so if we have talked and I haven’t got to you, I apologize. On top of Alt Summit, which I attended last week and everything in between, I am trying to sell at the Provo Farmers Market a little this summer. I have some fun ideas to try out that I can’t wait to blog about. Oh, and I am making stop animation videos. So yes, I am crazy. How am I doing it? By going crazy myself and driving my husband crazy with our messy house. Yup, crazy but so many amazing dreams are inches closer to me.
So I just attending a fun girls night called Confetti Night where there was speakers and friends. I am so grateful to be able to have a husband willing to watch my crazy kids and to be able to have time to go to a girls night. I know there are so many people out there who have to work multiple jobs so I feel spoiled and frankly a little guilty. Regardless I wanted to share a few uplifting thoughts from the conference.
1. “Celebrate Your Aloha” – Aloha was discussed as a concept. We feel aloha. It can mean many things and there is feeling in saying Aloha. Aloha is when we are living out true purpose. Embrace your true Aloha. Personally accept yourself. These thoughts were shared from Charlene Bosworth, a life coach speaking at the event.
2. Let go of the vampires in your life. Don’t keep them around. And if they have to be around you choose whether or not you let them affect you. You can decide if they irritate or drain your positivity. Loved this thought.
3. And lastly I was honored to be able to hear from a lovely human named Courtney. She shared how important it is for us to feel happy with ourselves on the outside because when we do we are able to forget about how we look and we can help others. I really loved this thought and I feel like we should really love how we look inside and out.
Because of this I love dressing up and feeling confident. And I grateful to be able to say this. And I would deeply love if one of you had the opportunity to shop for FREE! So below is a fantastic giveaway and I really hope one of you wins. If you don’t we should go shopping, haha. My top and bracelet is from Ruby Claire Boutique and I have a few other pieces to post about so be sure to check them out. Pssst… they have some good sale items.
Good luck and I hope this weekend is wonderful!!