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I consider myself a lucky person. I’ve won contests and free stuff. Can’t get more lucky than that? Heck, my job involves playing with the kids I adore and drawing all day. Well I got lucky when I was selected as part of a team to help with one of the parties at  Alt Summit, a creative and influencers conference in Salt Lake.

We were assigned to create a giant bubble station and we had such a fun time putting together this amazing element of the party. As a group of three, we all did our part to prepare for this party and contribute and I loved working together creatively. For weeks we contacted sponsors and worked out details of the party.
The day of the party we worked hard to finish off this amazing element of the party that included two giant troughs full of giant bubble solution. Hand made floral arrangements on either side of the troughs. A 20 foot balloons garland that was embellished with amazing tissue flowers. To finish off the party we had giant 36 in yellow balloons with flower vines dangling.
In the end our party was amazing and a hit! At one point it started raining in the courtyards of the Grand America where this was held and even during the rain people stayed and made giant bubbles! So many people were smiling and having fun it truly was an amazing moment for me!
After such a fun party we wanted to share with anyone, “How did we throw this party?” Today all three of us have teamed up to share how we did this part of the party. Michelle at The Mumsy Blog  has covered the balloon garland tutorial HERE and Jacqueline at Strive shares tips about flower arrangements HERE. And I’ve written about the giant bubble recipe and how to make your own bubble sticks. So to see how we did the giant bubbles and more keep scrolling!



Giant Bubble Recipe and Bubble Wand Instructions

Giant Bubble Recipe

1/2 teaspoon J-Lube
2 tablespoons baking powder
1 gallon warm water
2 tablespoons glycerin
1 cup Original Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

In a cleaning bucket or small storage container, combine baking powder and J-Lube. Slowly whisk in warm water until smooth. Add glycerin, water, and Dawn.





Bubble Wand

2 wooden dowels
6-7 feet 100% cotton yarn
Very clean bucket or small plastic storage container

To make the bubble sticks, tie one end of the yarn tightly near the top of one of the dowels (you can notch it with a knife first to make it more secure. Run a line of yarn about 1 1/2-2 feet to the same spot on the other dowel and tie it securely. Tie the remaining end near the original knot, so you have a taut horizontal line on top and loose, drapery yarn on bottom.
Dip the yarn sticks (is that a thing? I just made it up) in the water. When you pull them out, keep the sticks as far apart as possible and start walking backwards. You’ll kind of get a feel for it and what works for you, but we all eventually got the hang of it! Have fun!

  *Original Bubble recipe and Wand Instructions found at Our Best Bites.
So to end today’s post I’d like to share a super fun giveaway if you are on Instagram! All three of our dresses were provided from Shabby Apple and our shoes and accessories are from Joyfolie. And in honor of this amazing party we are giving away THREE dresses to any of you. Head over to Instagram and enter before Friday. Have a wonderful Fourth of July friends!

 canary jane


Dresses for all three of us: Shabby Apple

Shoes and Accessories of all three of us: Joyfolie

Large 36 in Yellow, Regular Pink, White, Pearl Balloons: Zurchers Party Store
Marbleized Balloons: Knot and Bow
Bubble Wands: Little Saplings Toys
Tissue Paper Flowers: The Lovely Ave
Decorative Ribbon: Harmony Boutique
Party Photos by Katie Dudley Photography
Bubble Image /Outfit Photos by Meg over  at Snap Happy Mom