We have nearly two weeks until baby is here so I figured an update was in order. Today we scheduled my induction if I go late. My doctor is going out of town, plus the 10th is my grandparents anniversary, and we have three other kids with matching digits so we’ve decided the latest we’ll deliver is the 10th of October. Here’s an update on any other questions you might have:

We have nearly two weeks until baby is here so I figured an update was in order. Heres all the details for baby #6 coming...

How is baby? 

I’m full term, babies head down, they think she’s over 6 1/2 pounds, and ready to party. She stretches a lot and has the hiccups. I think she moves a little less than the other kids, but it is hard to compare.

How am I feeling?

I no longer have the infection I was dealing with for the last few weeks. And today I was relieved to not be dehydrated. Also, I finished my antibiotics so I am feeling so. much. better. Well as good as a 37+ week pregnant woman.

If you ever have a bladder infection, take the antibiotics ASAP in my opinion. I waited because I didn’t want to mess with my gut. But I wish I would have done it sooner. Also, I’m totally helping my gut by eating lots of yogurt and taking probiotics.

Also, yes, I’m one of those who has lots of contractions before baby time. I normally have a ton of Braxton Hicks, and painful ones too. And with each pregnancy it has gotten earlier and more intense. I had so much with my third baby that I didn’t realize I was in labor and barely made it to the hospital. Had him in 30 minutes after we arrived!

Do I have help when baby comes?

My mom and sister will be here in two weeks. They’re teachers and have taken time off to help and be here while we’re in the hospital. Plus, were super excited because for the first time My husband has PAID paternity leave for three weeks. We have never had that. And I have never had help for three weeks so I seriously feel like I’m spoiled. Why isn’t paternity leave a regular thing?!

Also, we’re getting food catered from a local company called Northwoods Catering. They have a full menu and located here in Utah County. We’re excited to have some meals delivered as we settle in with baby.

Are the kids excited?

Oh yeah! Especially our daughter, Nora. She asks every day if baby will be here soon. She tells me how she’ll teach her not to eat toys and how to play with unicorns. She’s already decided baby has to be a fairy for Halloween with her.

Am I ready? 

Not as much as I wish. Between moving two months ago, our Seattle vacay, unpacking regular stuff like clothing and pantry, getting sick the last couple weeks, and life, I haven’t unpacked baby clothes, bassinet, blankets, and everything else from storage yet. So send some energetic vibes my way, please. Worst case, when my mom and sister come I’ll have them help me. (You’re warned Mom and Carla)

We have nearly two weeks until baby is here so I figured an update was in order. Heres all the details for baby #6 coming...

Do I have a birth plan?

If you’ve been around for a while, you know my last I tried to deliver naturally. After lots of hours, work from hubby, mom, doulas, and birth photographer, I got the epidural. For the record, I have no shame and am so grateful for the experience. I had a baby!

Between my five previous births, I’ve labored in the tub, been induced, labored naturally, and had great epidurals before so this time I’m kind of going with the flow. We’re delivering at my favorite hospital. If I go fast like my third I might deliver naturally. If I labor slowly and have posterior babies again that won’t turn while I’m stuck at a 7 (happened my last two times), I’ll get the epidural.

Do we have a name?

Not yet, and I honestly don’t know if we’ve found her name yet. You guys were great and sent some awesome suggestions last week. But my husband and I can’t agree still. I really like Lucy and he really likes Abigail. If you have any suggestions, we are still hearing them and would love to hear some new ones in the comments.

So there’s the low down on baby. Before we know it, she’ll be here. I know everything will work out but for now I am a little overwhelmed and frankly just so tired. This pregnancy has been my hardest. And at times I’ve felt like my entire body hates me. P.S. I’m not dramatic at all. But I am pregnant and this is my blog so ha!

In all mushiness, I can’t wait though to meet her face to face and snuggle her. I’m so excited to give Nora a sister. With how awesome Nora is, I can’t wait to see our second daughter develop and grow.

We have nearly two weeks until baby is here so I figured an update was in order. Heres all the details for baby #6 coming...

And where this may be our last, I am trying to savor her movements. Every day I still cannot believe my body is creating life. Womens bodies rock! I truly know it is a privileged behind all my whining. Promise. Love you all! My next baby blog update will probably be her announcement! Until then, I’m getting some ice cream.

— Natashia

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