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As a mother of 5, I’ve seen a lot of different baby items. And in the 10 years of motherhood, there have been some amazing products come out. And let me tell you, while I love some traditional, these modern baby items have been a lifesaver that you need to know about! Here are 10 modern baby items you need to know about now.

10 Modern Baby Items You Need to Know About

1. Finnbin

Check out these Finnish baby boxes that are perfect for an expecting parent. It includes tons of baby essentials perfect for a new baby all perfectly fit inside the Finnbin box which doubles as a bassinet for newborn baby. That’s right, the box has a mattress so you can use it as a bassinet. So this gift is great beyond what you get inside but the functionality of the box itself. Go check it out.

2. Owlet monitor

For anyone who has ever worried about their baby at night comes Owlet smart sock, the simple at-home breathing and heart rate monitor. The monitor is a simple sock the baby wears whenever you are worried. And if you’ve ever checked to make sure your baby is ok this smart sock is perfect for you. For me, after having my miscarriages, I have had anxiety about my new baby, and having the owlet monitor has seriously helped me sleep better.

3. Baby bandana bibs

I am so glad these bandanna bibs are around! With my four-month-old nothing is better than these bibs for his drooling and spit up.

4. Nose Frida

This Sweden-made doctor made snot sucker is less abrasive than the traditional booger-suckers.

5. Floor Soother

This has been one of my favorite baby items with baby #5! It’s basically a baby swing, rocker, and seat all in one. There are tons of settings and speeds so you get the perfect movement for your baby. Plus the top piece can come off to be a baby rocker. Plus the footprint is so small and it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional swing. Our baby loves it.

6. Teething Necklace

These simple necklaces are genius. Babies are always wanting to chew on something, especially whatever is on mommy. So why not make jewelry that’s chewable and cute for baby and mommy?! They come in wood, silicone, and gems.

7. Freshly picked moccs

Freshly Picked Moccs are my go-to for baby shoes. They’re durable, made with real leather, and never fall off! I’ve used them for most of my kids.

8. Lollipop Baby Monitor

This monitor has been so cool as it hooks up to your phone giving you live video feed of your little one. It also has loads of features like motion detection, sound detection, and two-way audio and more options.

9. Nursing cover and baby carrier cover combo

This cover combo is great for nursing and putting around your car seat to cover baby from light and the elements. It’s been a bonus for me so I don’t have to carry around two separate covers.

10. Gathre changing mat

This changing mat has been my favorite because with its leather lightweight design it fits super easy in my diaper bag. And the high-quality leather design makes it easy to clean.