Jumpsuits are all the rage nowadays. And practically every clothing shop is carrying them. And I’ve been a big fan for YEARS. So I’m sharing how to wear a jumpsuit without feeling like a mechanic or throwback from the 80s. I’m here for you friend. Here are 4 ways to wear your romper.
how to wear a romper

How to Wear a Romper

1. Keep it casual.

Grab your flats. Take a plaid tee and tie it around your waist. Yes, I’m still into this fashion. And too it with a baseball cap and you’re ready to chase kids, shop for hours in style. You can even add those fanny packs all the cool kids are sportin’.

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2. Dress it up.

Get a sleek jumpsuit plain or patterned and add some heals with flair. Use a statement necklace or bold earrings. And top it with a small clutch.

3. Accessorize it.

One of the best ways to wear a jumpsuit is with accessories as mentioned. It’s the best way to make sure your jumpsuit doesn’t feel like a mechanics outfit. The key here is bold statement pieces. Also, a good purse helps. And if your jumpsuit needs a little shape don’t be afraid to add a belt.

4. Layer your romper.

In the winter I wear sweaters all the time with my jumpsuits. And in the summer vests and bomber jackets. The layers create variety when a jumpsuit might feel too much of the same thing.

So there you go! Not too hard right? You’ll be prancing around in your jumpsuit in no time. And if you need some help finding jumpsuits that’s are versatile or just plain fun I’ve linked to some of my favorites along with ways I’ve romped all over Instagram! The black and grey romper is from Eva Jo and is the comfiest thing. I also can nurse in it too! The jaguar is a few years back from H&M. And here’s some on Amazon if you’re addicted to prime like I am.