Since it is our babies first Thanksgiving I wanted a simple way for our baby to look festive. So I came up with this simple pumpkin pie DIY beanie because what’s better than pie? Nothing. This craft took me a little over an hour and cost me $2! I made one for my baby and one for my daughter. But you could easily make it for an adult too. Here are the instructions to make your own pumpkin pie DIY beanie.

Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie


  • pumpkin colored felt 
  • tan colored felt
  • cream beanie 
  • no-sew glue – OR – needle and thread 
  • scissors
  • white yarn
  • pom-pom maker

I purchased the felt for .23 cents in the craft section of Walmart. The beanie I found in the infant section for 1$. The childs beanie I found on ebay but I’m sure you could find it most stores. The pom pom makers I ordered from Amazon and have used them a ton like for this backdrop or wreath, so I have considered these a great investment. 

Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie


  1. Cut a circle for the pie out of your felt. For an infants hat it should have a 8 inch diameter. For children and adults adjust to be bigger by a couple inches. For this reason it may be easier to buy felt from the fabric counter versus the sheets that are pre-cut. 
  2. Cut the tan colored felt for the crust. Cut them in 2 inch strips. 
  3. Make the white pom-pom with the yarn to imitate the cream on top.
  4. Alright it’s time to put it all together. You can use the no-sew option, you will just have to glue it over time letting the sides dry before gluing the other sides. If you choose to sew I simply attached the crust along the rim of the pie fabric centered on top of the beanie. I was fine with some bums and the fabric not laying perfectly because first of all the beanie is more stretchy than the felt so bumps allow it to expand. And second of all the crust is going to have bumps as well.
  5. Work along the edge of the fabric stitching all the way around until you get to the other side.
  6. And you’re done!
Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie

Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie

Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie
Pumpkin Pie DIY Beanie

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