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Print off these LDS prophet printables that you can color or use as visual aids. The March monthly sharing time theme is “Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right”. So to go along with this month, I have created these illustrated prophets and a prophet coloring sheet. You are welcome to use these in your wards or for FHE. These free printables go great to learn the song, “Follow the Prophet”.

To go along with the song I have found a few scriptures to go along with each prophet. You could do a FHE using the scriptures or focus on one prophet each week. As you sing “Follow the Prophet” you could have the children hold up a photo of each prophet. Or you could let them color the pictures as well. You can also click their names to read a summary of each prophet that can help for FHE lessons. Below you will find each prophet from the song “Follow the Prophet” as printables and coordinating scriptures.

ADAM : 2 Nephi 2: 14-29

ENOCH : Moses 7:10-21

NOAH : Moses 8: 19, 23-24

ABRAHAM : Gen 21: 2-3 , 1 Nephi 17-40

MOSES : Ex 14 : 2- 31, D & C 84:23

SAMUEL : 1 Sam 7:3–17

JONAH: Jonah 1 , 3:10

DANIEL : Daniel 1 : 8, 6


To view the full song, “Follow the Prophet” click here.

To view the sharing time lesson for March click here.

To see my full free printables library, click here.

follow the prophet coloring page-01

follow the prophets free printable follow the prophets free printable follow the prophets free printable

Also here is a bonus coloring page. Since the latter end of the month is based a lot on modern prophets here is a printable from one of my General Conference printables.

Follow the Prophet modern prophet free printable

How do you save and print these files?

1. Click the file you would like to print.
2. Once the larger version has opened, right click the image.
3. Click the “save file” option.
4. Open the file on your computer under the file you saved it as, and click”print”.
Happy March friends. If you have difficulty printing let me know by emailing me at hello (@) If you share these projects feel free to use #cjanecreate or you can email me the photo and I’ll share it here. Have a beautiful day.
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