We love sharing our monthly visiting teaching printables! They are always a hit and we are so glad you like them too! In case you’d like to see some fun ways to use my printables I’ve included some visiting teaching printable ideas here that I’ve done or are reader submitted. Combine ideas or come up with your own!

And if you get creative with my printables snap a photo and email it to (hello @ canaryjane.com) and I’ll include it in the list! Have a wonderful month visiting your sisters and I hope you got some good visiting teaching printable ideas.

Free Printable Gifting Ideas

1. Print it big like a coloring page or small like a note.

visiting teaching ideas

2. Give it with some flowers.

3. Give it with some colored pencils to color or a fun pen.

visiting teaching ideas

4. Give it with a temple print from my Etsy shop for their birthday. (shameless plug)

5. Give it with treats.

visiting teaching ideas

6. Write a note on the back.

general conference coloring pages

7. Color the page before you give it. Everyone loves a personal touch.

visiting teaching handout idea