Read through how to make money as a creative weather through sponsorship or licensing. Here are some clues as how you can be successful.

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Artist, designer, writer, marketer, whatever way you create, here are ways to make money that you may not have thought of. I’ve been supporting my family of six for the last year from my creative business. It’s been more work than I have ever done in my life.  But it has been so validating to make money doing what I love. Here are tons of different revenue streams you may or may not have considered.

Wait hold up, that’s right, I support my family of six on my income. How? Well, I have this blog as well as monetize my Instagram. I also do social media consulting and have several clients in the last year. I also get paid to organize events within my niche. I own an Etsy shop and sell there. And in addition I published a coloring book a year ago and receive passive income from this. Through my business I have had experience in other areas mentioned below but these are the main ways I make money. So onto the list of how to make money as an entrepreneur.



If you’re an expert in some area offer one time or consistent consulting. Make sure you charge what is worth your time or comparable to others rates. I generally charge $100 for a one time social media consult. This can be on the lower end of consulting but I anticipate this is about an hour and a half of my time. But rates are all over the place and you can negotiate for more or less time of work if needed.


If your skills allow you to do so create events or workshops to raise funds. For example in a couple of months I am putting together a craft night where people can come and craft with me. I will supply the supplies.

Licensing artwork, designs, photography

Here is a website that explains how licensing works.  I’ve had a handful of licensing agreements and all them came from clients and previous work being seen. So make sure you have  a portfolio and create connections. Market yourself also on Linked in and social media. There’s also a really good article on Design Sponge about getting your artwork seen. You can also check out royalty free sites like Shutter stock and become a contributor.


This is more obvious but as a creative you can usually find free-lance work within your skills. For example, if you’re a photographer you can do free-lance photography. If you are looking for more work here I would recommend networking with other creative you can work for and collaborate. It really is all who you know. You can also focus on marketing yourself more, like building an audience on Instagram so people can find you and reference you.


Once again if you have a large amount of knowledge in a skill consider speaking to other professionals and budding entrepreneurs in your field. Networking I feel can be a huge benefit here. Get to know the organizers of creative conferences. Or coupling with another option, through your own creative entrepreneur event and sell tickets.

different revenue streams


Ad Space

Once you hit 10,000 unique monthly viewers I believe you can start monetizing through ad space. You’ll start small but a few spaces can add up. You can also do Google AdSense.

Affiliate Links

Some businesses offer affiliate programs. Work with businesses who sell products in line with your business. How it works is they will usually provide you with unique links or codes to share. From there they will track your sales and pay you a percentage.

Sponsored Content

This is how I make most of my money with my Instagram. Businesses will pay for you to promote their products. I started somewhere between a reach around 5,000 followers. And it’s actually a great deal for both parties. They get organic content and exposure to thousands of their prime audience and you are getting paid to share what you love with your followers.

Depending on your niche if you are blogger there are also blog and social media programs to help line you up with businesses and brands wanting to work together. Here are a handful of those blogger programs.


Social Fabric

Acorn Influence



The SITS Girls




You can provide digital products on your site as downloads be it printables, audio recordings, or just files. You can also sell an ebook or fitness course. Play into your niche and this can be great passive income.


Publishing is super exciting and I love having it as another revenue stream that requires little work. It does take a LOT of up front work and you usually receive a royalty around 15% or so but I hope to do it again. If you have further questions about publishing leave a comment below.


If you have a teachable skill you can set up a course and host it on your site or on a number of other sites like Teachable. Much like publishing there will be a lot up front but then it should be a passive income.

Physical Product

Obviously there are tons of ways to do this. You can have an online shop or physical shop. You can do markets or conventions. Really it depends on your brand.


Your site


Handmade on Amazon






Big Cartel


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I hope this gets your gears turning about different revenue streams and ideas. There are tons of opportunities that require some creativity. Lucky for you that’s your specialty. If you have further questions, as these are superficial explanations, please comment below.

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