So you’ve kinda got this blogging thing down? You’re getting business and getting busy? Here are a list of useful services, most free, that can help cut down your time on the back end. At the end of the post I share my experience with hiring an assistant and intern.


Help with blogging free resources and how to hire an assistant



There are sooo many resources out there to help you with blogging. I’d love to hear and add your favorites. Here are some of my tried and true resources. And if you aren’t sure about blogging be sure to check out these other posts:



Blog Help

1. – Check your grammar

2. Key Word Searches – Another way to find ideas for your blog titles is
using keyword services. Google keywords is the most popular. These services usually
charge a fee. Word stream gives you 30 free searches before it charges if you
ever want to see topics most searched for your title or are looking for top
searched variations for blog post ideas.
3. Ahalogy- Web analytics and deeper look into your site for insight.
4. Mail chimp – For sending emails from your newsletter
5. WordPress Plug-Ins – Here are some of the best wordpress plugins
6. Google Drive- For staying organized
7. Mail Munch – Pop-up window that collects emails from your site. Works with Mail Chimp.
Instagram Help
1. Instagress- This site will handle engagement for
you! I use it and I love it. It can like and comment for you. I recommend
starting slow and still engaging on posts. If Instagram senses you are using a
“bot” they can block you for temporary times. I’ve been using it but
still am on an hour every day talking to my followers.


2. Hootsuit- This is a social media scheduling
platform. You can schedule multiple posts from this! This is helpful if you
will be out of town or have the posts for the next week and would like to have
it planned out.


3. Iconosquare- This shows comprehensive analytics
for your instagram.


4. Schedugram- This is another scheduler
specifically for Instagram like hootsuite but only for Instagram.


5. Planology- This is an app that helps you plan and
schedule your posts. It also shows some basic analytics.
6. Best Time- Tells you the best time to post.
7. Crowdfire – easy way to check if people are following you for giveaways


Pinterest Help
1. Viralwoot- This service schedules pins for you
and a bunch of other handy tools. I currently it and love it. It can help you
get pins pinned and encourage followers. You can also schedule posts.
2. Tailwind- This is for scheduling posts and
3. Boardbooster- This service is good for keeping
your boards up to date and clean. It can find broken links and help clean up
your boards so all your content is useable.
Help with blogging free resources and how to hire an assistant

Hiring Employees & Help

Before we get into the different people who can help you lets talk how to find help. First you will need to determine what you want to pass to them. Back end work is a great start. You can hire help for a specific job or just as a general assistant. Once you have determined their responsibilities placing the ad is your next step.
You can put an ad online on pages like craigslist. You can reach out to friends via social media. Use your reach. Or place ads on internship websites. You can find more details about hiring an intern at

Interns – Hiring an intern is super fun because you have the opportunity to share your hard earned knowledge to someone who is dying to hear it! They’re so excited that most interns will work for free to learn from you. So a plus of hiring an intern is you may not have to pay them. the downside is you will have to invest time to teach them.

Assistants – Hiring an assistant has the advantage that you will be able to find someone who has the skills you are looking for. Though you will have to train them, it shouldn’t be weeks long. Pay scale for an assistant ranges from $8-$25 an hour depending on the business and tasks.

Virtual Assistants – A virtual assistant is someone usually contracted through a service or a self-employee individual who works from home helping your business. You can find them through online services.

Seriously, there are so many different resources for help out there. Remember, “Work smart, not hard.” I hope these resources can make your blogging like a little easier. I’ve found the time and money and I put into my business pay off in the long run for sure. So don’t be afraid to invest in your business. Good luck!


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