In the church I attend, the LDS Church, we can accept a calling or responsibility to visit a few women in our neighborhood or ward. When we visit the women we are assigned, we are to get to know them, help them with what they may need whether physically or emotionally, and then to leave them with a spiritual message. Every month I share the visiting teaching message here on my blog and also create a free printable to go along with the message. This months message is centered around the theme, “Parenthood is a sacred duty.”

Parenthood is a sacred duty

The Parable of the Spilled Cup
Just today, I was sitting at a park talking with a friend about how being a parent has made me understand, to a small sliver, how our Heavenly Father must feel about us. There is no way to understand what it’s like to be a parent until you are one. The frustrations are uncomparable. There is nothing that can prepare you for the patience you will need to have. But the love you have for your children and the desire to teach them is off the charts.
As we discussed this my daughter came towards me with a drink cup, tripped, and spilled her cup. She cried on the grass at her spilled drink and broken cup. I offered my little one some of my drink. And she simply continued to cry. Once again, as many times before, I realized the symbolism. 
So many time we have a great cup full of something good. And by no fault of our own, our cups are smashed and spilled. We cry to our Heavenly Father. “Why did our cup have to spill? We liked that cup.” God then offers a new cup. He calls to us for His embrace. And yet, so many times we sit and cry over our cup unwilling to accept the cup He now gives. 
There have been countless times when as a parent I see this symbolic teaching. I know I will never be able to understand my Heavenly Fathers love. I just don’t think it is humanly possible. But as a parent I know that I am slowly learning. 
For these reasons I believe motherhood and parenthood is a sacred duty. I’d love to hear why you think it is a sacred duty as well! I’ve created this free printable you can print for yourself or your sisters for their home. You can also print this smaller and use it to write a note on if needed. 
LDS september visiting teaching printable parenthood is a sacred duty

LDS september visiting teaching printable parenthood is a sacred duty
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