I’ve fallen in love in love with the natural stone jewelry. And when I saw these wire bracelets that have been so trendy I thought, I bet I could make those. Heck, some of these bracelets were over $20! So I got supplies together and figured a great way to make these babies.


 It happened to be under $10 for supplies and didn’t take me long. So I’d like to share this craft with you today. Also this outfit was what I wore when I spoke at Pinners Conference and taught my class on how to make these bangles. Thanks to the following businesses for providing me with a rad outfit. It’s always great to feel confident and more beautiful when your speaking in front of a ton of people. Am I right?

Fox and Jem : Chambray Dress
Cents of Style : Hat and Shoes
Arvo : Watch
Kay and Star : Necklace




Ok, now that you’ve made it past the “Smile pretty” pics here’s what you’re looking for, the tutorial. And here’s what you’ll need to make the wire wrap bracelets.
What you need:



How to make it:
1. Carefully unwind the wire. It uncoils fast! You will want to measure the shape of your hand with some give because of the beads and wrap 3-6 times around. You don’t want the band too think or you will not be able to feed the wire through the beads.

2. Once you have your shape you will need to cut the wire.



3. Make sure the shape is right for your wrist. You will need to be able to fit it over your hand but not too big it slips off.



4. Ready for the fun?! Take three beads and thread them all onto one single end of the wire trying to keep the form as much as possible.



5. Once you have threaded them all on start pushing the beads around the circle of wire until you come to the end of the wire. Here’s the tricky part. keeping the shape as much as possible, Thread the end into the first bead so there would now be two strand of thread through the bead. 


Continue with all the beads having them circle around the wire as it threads them until you are almost to the end.

6. Once you have threaded them all on you will end up with a bracelet like this.


 7.Take the end and start tightly wrapping it around the band. Do this with both ends. When you get to the end you will most likely need to tighten the ends with the pliers.
 8. Ok, how you get the beads to really stay in place is you cut a piece of wire that is an inch or two longer than the space of the bead you are going to secure. Feed that free piece of wire through the bead. You can see how both ends stick out below. Then wrap them tightly again and secure with the pliers.
 9. Do this with all ends.
 10. There you have it!!!!! Now make like five of them and stack away!!
 Some notes about problems. Make sure your wire doesn’t have any bends. These will make it really hard to feed through the beads. If this happens you can use the needle nose pliers to clamp down on the wire and straighten it out.
 And you’re done!! See? Not too terrible. These are usually costing over $20! So now you’ve learned how to make them on your own. They would be great birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. Have a Happy Saturday and let me know what questions you have! XOXO!

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