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Here are ways you are creative and don’t even know it! 

Also for this month I am having a month long contest. Use #cjanecreate on Instagram or tag Canary Jane on Facebook on ANY creative pictures you share and I will be giving away prizes to those who enter! It’s not all about the arts and crafts people! Creativity and taking something or making something out of something else, this can even be ideas. You are being creative everyday. Here’s ways you are creative and don’t even know it:
  1. What outfit you put together everyday.
  2. The shoes you pick with your outfit and accessories! 
  3. Recipes you make.
  4. The routes you drive.
  5. How you schedule your day.
  6. How you parent. We all know a parenting a two year old takes creativity.
  7. How you decorate your house.
  8. Everyday problem solving skills. Like that spilled milk, cat lick it up, paper towel, or wash l cloth.  
  9. Emails and texts you write.
  10. Photos you take of your kids or everyday life.

If you want to hear more about creativity think about this:

What type of person do you think about when you hear the word creative?
A website called Journey to Excellence said, “Creativity can mean different things to different
people. For some it means being imaginative or inventive, taking risks or
challenging convention. For others it is about original thinking or
producing something that nobody has come up with before. Some believe that
the term ‘creativity’ only applies only to those who possess artistic
Traditionally, creativity has been associated with the
achievements of extraordinary people such as Mozart, Einstein and Leonardo Da
Vinci, and a good deal of the early research into creativity has focused on the
work of highly creative people or those considered to be geniuses. 
Focusing on extraordinary individuals, however, simply
perpetuates the myth that creativity is about special people doing special
things. Research
shows that there is no specific personality type associated with
creativity. It is possible to be creative in any activity that engages our
intelligence because intelligence itself is essentially creative. Creative
processes are rooted in the imagination and our lives are shaped by the ideas
we use to give them meaning. We all have creative capacities but in many
instances we do not know what they are or how to draw on them.”
You’re more creative
than you think! What you wore today, the food choices, the angle you took
that photo on your phone, how you arrange the apps on your phone, the way you
dressed your kids, telling your kids stories at night.Your outfit each morning is the first art you make
each day.

So if it’s in all of
us how do I cultivate it?
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”
I believe creativity is often accompanied with our emotions and feelings.
Creativity can often be an expression. So if we are willing to know ourselves
and be true to ourselves we can create the best art.
Take out a piece of paper. Close your eyes. And let your hand just draw, I read somewhere I can’t find that creativity increased when both
positive and negative emotions were running high. It’s good to accept how feel and let our creativity be an expression.
The implication seems to be that while certain negative
moods can be creativity killers, they aren’t as universal as positive moods in that sometimes they may spur creative
thinking rather than hinder it.
Being painfully bored yields more creative
thinking too funny enough.
So take time to go on walks and let
your mind wander, Find ways to daydream more.
If you really want to be creative,
then yes, you have to start looking at your creative output as work. You have to sit down and
try to produce during the time you’ve set aside for being creative, even if
you’re not feeling inspired.
Many writers not only have a minimum
number of words they must write each day, but they also have almost
superstitious requirements for their writing conditions. The 18th century
German writer Friedrich Schiller, for example, kept rotten apples at his desk
and soaked his feet in a tub of ice water while he wrote!

One of the most famous examples is when Dr. Seuss produced
Green Eggs & Ham after a bet where
he was challenged by his editor to produce an entire book in under 50 different
So set goals and time aside to be creative in whatever
capacity it is. Make being creative a priority in your day.
Another way creative people
must have a constant curiosity. They should be constantly observing and
listening to new ideas. They should be willing to admit that someone else’s
solution might be better. And they should learn the lessons provided by
previous experience both their own and others’. 
Be ok with failing and trying. To live a creative life we
must lose our fear of being wrong. You can
be the ripest peach in the world and there’s still going to be somebody who
hates peaches.” said Dita Von Teese. 
“Creativity take courage”, said Henry Matisse. “Have no fear of
perfection, you’ll never reach it”, said 
Salvador Dali. Don’t tie your self-worth to your creative output. Your value as a human is defined by so many other
things: how you treat other people, how you treat yourself, how much love you
have for the world, your willingness to be selfless, your ability to do the
hard things.
But it’s not the only thing that matters.
If you fail at your creative endeavors, try not to let it affect your
self-esteem. Try to use it as an opportunity to get better.
And don’t compare your own output to
the output of your creative friends, either. Everyone works at his or her own
pace, and this is only guaranteed to drive you insane, not inspire you.
Why do we need it
 We are thinking, reasoning human beings. We have the
ability to identify our needs, to plan, to set goals, and to solve our
problems. “The characteristics of a creative person can be used to develop
solutions for seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We can use originality to
overcome opposition. We can develop new ways to help others resolve difficult
situations in their lives”, said Robert D Hales.
“Being creative will help you enjoy life. It engenders a spirit
of gratitude”, said Richard G. Scott
We have the ability to produce creative works in
our daily activities. Creativity can also be used to find solutions to everyday
problems by developing new ways of approaching the problems.
Creativity helps us have joy and live our life more fully by
seeing new possibilities. It can also help us problem solve.

Let’s promote it in our homes and

Kyung Hee Kim, Ph.D., an
educational psychologist at the College of William & Mary, in Virginia, has
spent the past decade poring over the creativity scores of more than 300,000
American K-12 students. The news is not good: “Creativity scores have
significantly decreased since 1990,” she says. Moreover, “creativity
scores for kindergartners through third-graders decreased the most, and those
from the fourth through sixth grades decreased by the next largest
amount.” – CNN.com
First, limit screen time to one to two hours a day,
depending on your child’s age. Ruthy Horak, a mother of three kids in Allen,
TX, keeps close tabs on how much television her kids watch. “I’ve now had
to put limits on computer time, too,” Horak says. “I’ll give them an
hour — then I’ll make them turn it off and go outside and play.”

Then let the kids figure out what to do next. Play is key,
says Jung, since it lets the frontal lobes take a much-needed breather.
“Building forts, imaginary friends, mock battles,” Jung suggests. 
Have less structured time for kids and it will help cultivate creativity.
To many, the word creativity simply refers to the cultural, performing,
or visual arts. This is a very limiting definition. There are endless ways of
applying creative reasoning.
Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and
independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure & a love of play.”, said Henry Matisse.You
will never influence the world by trying to be like it. 

Let me know how you’re creative everyday and I’ll add it to the list. Remember, you’re more creative than you think.