What’s my favorite trend this fall? As a mom and boss babe I am picky about the trends I buy into. But, this season I am obsessed with all the scarf trends! They are perfect for layering, dressing up your casual outfit, or adding the perfect embellishment to your outfits. Check out these four ways I am rocking scarves.

Wrap Scarf 

I love this type of scarf because you can wrap it and use it so many ways! Wear it as a shawl. Or tie two corners and wrap it around your neck twice. Or loosely wrap it around your neck once. So many options.

2018 fall scarf trend and how to wear it


This has been one of my favorite trends in the last couple of years, and I sure hope it stays. Using neckcheifs you can tie them around your neck as an accent. Tie them on your purse strap. Tie them around your head or pony tail or even your hat. Such a simple accent that you may already have in your closet.

2018 fall scarf trend and how to wear it

Blanket Scarf

This trend is a staple now and is great for a fall as it adds a layer but is thin enough for the warmer afternoons of fall. And most blanket scarves can be doubled up to wrap around your neck if you get too warm.

2018 fall scarf trend and how to wear it

Scarf Scrunchie 

This variation of the neckerchief is so fun because it is so simple to add your pony tail. And making them ain’t too hard either. In fact I’ve put together a super simple, no sew DIY for you today. Check it out!

Easy Scarf Scrunchie DIY


  • hot glue
  • small piece of fabric (recommended to use about 4 X 8 inches of fabric)
  • wire or pipe cleaner
  • black scrunchie or black hair band


  1. Plug in hot glue gun to heat up.
  2. Fold the fabric in half and turn the corners in so they make a point to see how it will lay. You can iron if needed. And cut the piece of fabric if needed. 
  3. Place a strip of glue in the middle of the fabric.
  4. Add the wire or pipe cleaner to the glue.
  5. Fold up the fabric securing the edges.
  6. Take the hair band or scrunchie and wrap the fabric tie around. 

And you’re done. Girl, rock that style and those scarves. If you have any questions comment below.


2018 fall scarf trend and how to wear it