pampas grass wreath

I’ve been seeing pampas grass all over the place from the Magnolia market to wedding backdrops. So I decided this fall to theme my entryway with pampas grass. In this tutorial I will show you how I made a simple wreath that took less than 10 minutes to make. Hint, it’s super easy. And hopefully, my porch will send some autumn inspiration your way.

DIY Pampas Grass Wreath

Supplies needed:

  • a large bushel of pampas grass – I found mine nearby a marshy area. 
  • scissors, branch, or wire cutters – You will need these to cut down the pampas grass and then to cut the wires to secure them  
  • floral wire 
  • wire wreath frame – get yours on Amazon here or sometimes you can find these at the dollar store


  1. Collect your pampas grass by cutting them from a public area. Usually, they are found by water or marshlands. Note: These can be really dirty as they shed so be prepared to line your car or have a little mess. 
  2. I recommend making your wreath outside if possible as they do shed. Lay out a large blanket to craft on.
  3. Wrap your wire around the wreath as pictured securing the wire at the start and finish.
  4. Trim the pampas grass down if needed so only a few inches of stem shows. 
  5. Start feeding the stem through the wire until it is pulled through about a half an inch of the thick part of the grass. While pulling it through keep the stem in the frame of the wire.
  6. Continue going around the wreath until you meet up with the start. If you are unsure you will have enough grass evenly start feeding the grass through on each side and then the opposite side. And then fill in the gaps.
pampas grass wreath
pampas grass wreath

And that’s it! Once I had the pampas grass, making the wreath took me less than 10 minutes. I even had leftover grass to I fastened it to my posts as an accent to the door. I add a couple of pumpkins and some painted white leaves. Check it out and good luck with making your own! Comment any questions and I’ll be sure to answer them lickity-split.

pampas grass wreath

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