If you cant tell from my illustrations or this site even, I am obsessed with all that is whimsical. Even though we live in a hard and often sometimes terrible world, it can be a dream to surround yourself with things beautiful and lovely. This is at least how I feel so I have adored terrariums from the start. I’ve owned three air plants and succulents and love having lots of happy plants around my home.
So I knew I wanted to make one of these hanging terrariums. I found the faux succulent at Michaels for a couple of dollars. The glass is from dollar tree and the twine from the hardware section at Walmart. Here’s how to make these lovelies that I have hanging in my home now. You will also need a hot glue gun.

Hanging Terrarium DIY

Step 1. Glue the bottom of the faux succulent to the bowl. 
Step 2. Measure out the string.
Step 3. Glue the twine to the sides of the bowl.
4. Hang outside or inside. Easy!
Let me know if you have any questions.

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