This last weekend we celebrated my birthday by doing whatever the heck I wanted to do. Being outside is inspiring and I was raised to shop so naturally that’s what the weekend entailed. I was really spoiled, yup, just call me a spoiled brat. I went shopping with my little sis and best friend in the morning and spent the afternoon hiking. On our way home from hiking we stopped at the good ole’ Walmart and while we were there we decided to build a fire pit. So spontaneously we had a fire in our backyard and roasted hot dogs and s’mores (which I happen to love).
 Saturday didn’t disappoint either. We woke up, loaded all the kids in the car, and headed up to Antelope Island for some amazing pictures that I will be blogging about soon!! We got home and spent the evening with friends. We went to dinner without kids, hallelujah, and then played games all night. I love strategy games with the exception of Monopoly and Risk. But that’s another story. We did play Apple to Apple, to which I lost horribly. So much for birthday luck. But I felt like a winner with all my friends and family around me laughing. I know, corny. Get used to it. I cried because I was laughing so hard, it was definitely a good birthday!
So this post also is to celebrate the birthday of this blog, Canary Jane. On my birthday was officially registered! So happy birthday to me and my new blog. Hooray! Fist bump! And lastly check out my floral crown and earrings from Trendy Touch. I will be sharing more details about them in a later post but the crown was perfect for my birthday outfit. Thanks for reading and celebrating with me! Have a bright and happy day!