Check out this Hocus Pocus costume inspiration and how to make your own Halloween balloon witches brew garland. I’ll go over details of how we put a modern twist on the classic witches and share up close photos of the amazing garland.

Sanderson Sisters Costumes from Hocus Pocus

My friends Evi, Steffanie, and I decided to put a modern twist on the Sanderson sisters from the movie Hocus Pocus. Think, if the Sanderson sisters were suburban housewives. For the outfits we used modern inspiration. For the hair and makeup we tried to get it as close as we could to the original ladies.

So for Winnifred I let my hair dry naturally and scrunched it a bit. Then took a 1/2 inch curling iron and curled all the strands that frames my face. From there I took all my hair together above my head and rolled it backwards pinning it in a semi-tight roll. Use lots of bobby pins. To finish it off I pulled a few strands out to frame my face. And last I sprayed a generous amount of hair spray and orange hair color.

Evi, who dressed up as Mary was so clever and put her hair in a big bun. And then she took a decent strand and clipped it up to make the classic look. She also sprayed a little purple on her hair.

For all our outfits we tried to use pieces we already had keeping with the color schemes of the Sanderson sisters. For reference, Winnifred has purple and green. Mary wore orange, red, and purple. And Sarah wore pinks and reds.

To finish off our looks we grabbed a couple classic Hocus Pocus Props like a Binx cat, brooms, a boom, and of course a vacuum. Check it out.

Witches Brew Balloon Garland

My BFF, Steffanie made this amazing witches brew garland as the perfect creative Halloween porch decoration. Isn’t it amazing?! She used different sized balloons to make the brew coming out of the pot. And she cut some plywood and painted it black for the cauldron. Not sure how to make a balloon garland? Check out this post.

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