I found some gratitude games on Pinterest that inspired me to create this Thankful jar gratitude game. Use this simple game using dice and my printable guide to play at family night or Thanksgiving.

Supplies Needed

To play the game you will need to print my printable or make your own guide. The. You can play it just on a piece of paper or glue to to a jar.

You will also need a dice, some paper, and an empty jar. In the lid of jar will need a slit. I found my jar at the local dollar store. The paper should be small enough to fit in the slit of the jar.

Thankful Jar Rules

Sit in a circle. Take turns rolling a dice. Whatever number you land on everyone writes that their thankful for according to this chart:

1 – Write a person you’re thankful for

2 – Write a place you’re thankful for

3 – Write a thing you’re thankful for

4 – Write a memory you’re thankful for

5 – Write something you’ve learned you’re thankful for

6 – Write what you’ve most thankful

Print the thankful jar label here:

Enjoy this thankful activity! And keep making an awesome life.

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