Here’s a simple no sew way to turn pants into shorts in minutes. I’ve been using this method for years. It’s so simple and great because I can get the length I’d like for each pair of shorts .

As a taller woman sometimes it’s hard to find shorts that are the length I like. I also love to recycle old pants so learning how to turn pants into shorts has been really helpful through the years. Below I have step by step instruction. And you can also watch my Instagram or tik tok video here.

What you need

  • Leggings or pants
  • Scissors (fabric scissors are best)
  • Fabric glue
  • Shorts for reference (optional)



How to do it

  1. Take your pants and line them up with the waist of your reference shorts. Or if you don’t have a pair of reference shorts put your pants on and make a dot with a marker or chalk at the inside seam of where you want your shorts to end.
  2. Cut your shorts 2 inches below the line or dot. Cut in a straight line across.
  3. Fold over your pants and make sure the fabric is laying flat and lined up with the waist.
  4. Cut your second pant leg in a straight line across.
  5. Turn your pants inside out.
  6. Roll your pant leg over about 1 – 1 1/2 inches.
  7. Put a decent amount of fabric glue on the inside of the pant leg. If there is excess, wipe up. Do this around the whole rim of the bottom of the shorts.
  8. Leta dry for 2 hours. Turn right side out when dry and wear!

That’s it! The cutting and glueing process takes less than 5 minutes! So it’s super easy to do. I’ve found pants on sale or at thrift stores to do this with. And it’s been so nice to get the length I want. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy crafting.

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