Read how we transformed our dated entry room into a bright modern space complete with a DIY faux fireplace mantle. When we first moved into our home we decided to give spaces refreshes with paint, changes of lightings and some fun details. After a year of getting settled and having a baby I’m excited to share my first refresh of our home with more to come.

When we were house hunting last year I had really hoped to find a home with a fireplace. When we decided on our home I looked for place to add a mantle since it didn’t have one. And I was excited when this corner screamed for some love. We then found a mantle at a home renovation surplus for $20! The mantle had a warm varnish which, while lovely, didn’t fit our design plans. So we decided to give the whole space a refresh with paint and wallpaper.

For the paint we used Rustoleum cabinet paint which is awesome because I was able to paint the fireplace mantle in less than one day. And the best part is there was no sanding needed with their kit! Their kit comes with a deglosser, paint, gloss, and top coat. And their kits are available in multiple colors, but for our space decided to brighten up the smaller entry rom with a white paint. And the process was rather simple.

For the wallpaper we went with Photowall who has a huge selection of wallpaper. They have tons of different styles and they ship very quick. Putting up the wallpaper required mixing a paste that comes with wallpaper. We also measured this space so we could cut the paper to the size. We also have more of this pattern that we plan to put in the kitchen to carry the theme throughout the home.

Here is before photo.

And here is the after.

I am so excited to get this done just in time for the holidays and to decorate my mantle. My next thoughts are if I should paint the bottom of the fireplace wall. I was thinking of painting it with chalkboard paint so I could draw a fireplace. But maybe it would look best left unpainted. What do you think?

My next project is painting the built in shelves in the entry room. We have these really cool built in shelves and bench by our front window and I am excited to paint it white to match. What do you think?

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