After 10 years, five children, a side-business, and lots of beautiful memories we are overdue for a new home. As many of you know, we plan to move this summer from our downtown home to a larger more rural home. We’ve been packing for months now and before more of our home is packed we have some progress and a moving announcement we wanted to share.

This post is long overdue as we’ve been looking for a couple months now. In fact we have already put a bid on a home and been outbid. So along with sharing some fun news today, I will recap our moving adventures thus far.

Selling and Buying with Homie

Are we using a realtor? A couple of months ago we seriously started packing up and looking for a new home. We looked at a handful of homes using Homie, an online and app-based buying and selling brand based here in Utah and Arizona that works as your realtor. It’s been great so far because they match you with a Homie realtor and the fees are so much lower than traditional realtors.

Like, for example, the selling fees to list our home and sell is $1,500! And they even will pay you up to $5000 after closing for using their services to buy. We also used Homie loans which beat the other three lenders we prequalified with. So we are using their buying and selling the team to move which is saving us money to now use towards our home! If you are curious about using them feel free to ask any questions.

House Hunting

About three weeks ago we found a home we thought would fit our family. But without our current home listed on the market, we were outbid by another offer without a contingency. We even went 15K over our original offer but the contingency was a huge down for us. So we lost that home and have been looking at 3 or more homes a week.

If you’re wondering, we have been looking for a 4-6 bedroom home with over 2,500 sq ft a decent yard because we have lots of kids, boys to be specific. We’re hoping for a fairly updated home though we are ok with an unfinished basement. We generally want to stay in a similar area, though more north is preferred.

Finding A Buyer

For the last couple of months we packed, painted, and cleaned like crazy people and were preparing to list the home this week. We were pretty close to listing when we had some neighbor friends approach us at our Fiesta Goodbye Party last Saturday (post coming Monday) with interest in seriously purchasing our home.

I found out later that my husband had been having discussions with the husband for the last couple of weeks about purchasing our home. So on this last Wednesday, the whole family walked through our home and once again confirmed that they seriously would like to purchase our home!

So our first announcement is that for the last couple of days we have started the paperwork to sell our first home! And we are so lucky to have a buyer without even listing! We are so excited as well for this cute family to enjoy our home as we have.

Another Moving Announcement

Boy, this has been a crazy week. On top of finding a buyer for our home, today we once again walked through several homes again with Homie. And after looking at 8 homes, we found two today that are beautiful and great homes for our family. All afternoon we have been talking about the two and have officially started the paperwork to put in an offer on one of them!

Don’t hate me, but I will reveal the home we picked next week and share another update then. If you want to vote or see more details you can hop over to my instastories here. And for all of you who would like to see our last hurrah party, our Fiesta Party mentioned earlier, it will be coming out Monday morning. Below is more info on the homes we liked from today. Any guesses on which home we chose?

Ox Home

2600 square feet

Big Backyard with trails behind the home

Beautiful living room with large windows

Farther commute for the husband (15-20+ minutes)

Unfinished basement

Moving Annoucement

Saddle Home

3200 square feet

Decent backyard

Closer commute

Big unfinished basement

Lots of storage and closets

Soaker Tub

Moving Annoucement

So which house did we chose?

Moving Annoucement
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