We have another update on our home buying for you! Hooray! To recap, we have been planning to move this year with the news of baby #6 on the way and last week was a big one for us. We had neighbor friends commit to buying our home and we also found two homes that we really liked. You can read more about it here.

Today, we are so excited to share that after submitting an offer Saturday, that Monday our offer was formally accepted! Can you say happy dance!? Unlike the first home we put an offer on, we did not get in a bidding war and our offer was accepted without any counter offers.

We are Under Contract to Buy a Home!

And in addition, we also received a formal offer from our neighbor friends to buy our home. We are so excited that a cute little family can now enjoy our home like we have. So now everything is official. We are under contract to buy a home and have an official offer for selling our home! And since Saturday it feels like we have signed a million forms. Moving is a crazy process. I am thankful for Homie for having a great team helping us along the way. (Homie is how we are selling and buying our home and acts as a realtor. They save you thousands in the process. Read more about Homie on their site or here.)

How do I feel about moving? Excited. Nervous. Sad. Anxious. Happy. Sad. Eager. Overwhelmed. What you would expect, basically. I’m excited to have space. We have needed it for so long and in the end that was a big deciding factor to the home we chose. Nervous to change areas and neighborhoods and be in unfamiliar places. Sad to be farther away from friends and family.

Sad that I will most likely be quitting my seven-year job teaching sisters fitness classes at the LDS Provo MTC. I have wanted to keep my job because I love it but a thirty minute commute one way at five in the moring to teach a thirty minute class seems like a bad idea.

I’m anxious for all the paper work and timing to work out. Happy to have a place for my family to be without stress and to have organization. And with being pregnant and working and all of this and more, it is a bit overwhelming. Still, we are so excited. We even made a spreadsheet with how we plan to update the home and new purchases last night! We are that excited.

Even with all these feelings, I know everything will work out. We have felt spiritually that this year was the year to move. And even in the whole complicated process, I have felt a guiding hand from God in which home we chose and in the timing. So thank you to our family and friends who have prayed for us. I know that it will all work out, maybe not perfectly or without bumps, but it will all work out.

So, you’re probably wondering which home we chose to buy. If you read my last moving post you know we were choosing between two homes. You can see both of them here. Well, we are thrilled to share that we have chosen to buy the Saddle home!

We are Under Contract to Buy a Home!

We felt that this home was, first of all, where we were supposed to be. We felt drawn by the large unfinished basement that we could customize for our family and have a place for our children to play in the snowy seasons. The many closets and storage spaces made it easy to imagine living there. And the neighborhood full of kids felt like we just fit right in. And so much more. Scroll to the bottom for more details.

There are so many feelings today. And to be honest it is a little surreal. Is this really happening? But we are so excited. And I’m happy to share our journey. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. And I’ll keep you updated on the process but hopefully, in the next month, you will see a “We Moved In” post! I also plan to share our renovation and updating plans so stay tuned to see what we plan to do with the place. Until then, have a beautiful day. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Saddle Home

  • 3200 square feet
  • Decent backyard space that we plan to redo
  • Two car garage
  • 4 finished bedrooms (we plan to add a fifth)
  • Two coat closets
  • Fun entryway built ins
  • Big unfinished basement that is 42 by 16 feet BIG!
  • Two pantrys
  • Lots of storage
  • Soaker Tub
  • HUGE master closet (mama has a lot of clothes)
  • Nice neighborhood for the kids with a park just down the street
Moving Annoucement