Make these fun face bookmarks using a few simple steps and the free printables down below. This is a great activity for the beginning of school or talking about individuals. Follow the instructions below and enjoy.

Me Bookmark DIY + Free Printable


– paper clips
– face template (found at the bottom of the post)
– pipe cleaners
– feathers, foam, beads, or glitter
– (optional) cardstock for the back side


1. Color the face below coloring your own face or a pretend face.
2. Cut out the face shape. You may need to ask for help from an adult for this.
3. If you print on regular printer paper you may want to use cardstock on the back to make it more sturdy. You can also laminate the faces.
4. Twist a pipe-cleaner to the top of a paperclip. You can add a bead to the ends for the hands.
5. Glue the face to a paperclip.

Printing Instructions:

Here’s how to print. If you want to try out your own nature walk you can print these nature scavenger hunts here’s how you do it: 1. Right click on the image. 2. From there save the file onto your computer. 3. Then open the file on your computer. 4. Right click and select print. 5. Then grab your markers, crayons, or color pencils and your tennis shoes. You’re ready!

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