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I wanted my children to eat more lunches from home. Lunches from home do not cost as much and you can ensure your child is getting healthy food they will enjoy.  Which school started, here’s a couple of ways you can make lunch at home fun and get your kids excited. I also have included 10 free printable lunch box notes you can print, cut out, and put in their lunches for fun. Here’s to a funner lunch!

First things first. Lets make lunch fun. For my kids lunches I love to add fun treats like Dole Mixations or Dole Fruit Bowls. And if you’re looking for some fun lunch ideas, I looked far and wide for the best and healthiest recipes on the internet. So enjoy! I’ve found a bunch of fun lunch recipe food ideas here:
Another really fun way to have fun with lunch is to personalize your lunches. Minted just came out with these really awesome name tag stickers. They have a ton of different designs so your kid can pick out the perfect name tag and you don’t have to worry about lost lunches. These labels are water resistant and there are ton of designs to pick from. I got a handful to stick on everything so I never lose them. They are perfect! You can check out the designs here.
Letting your children pick out their lunch box is a sure way to get your kids excited for lunch time. My kids love these lunch boxes from Planetbox who lets you customize which box you want, decorative magnets on the outside, and the carrier.  They make their own lunch just so they can bring their Planetbox to school. It’s pretty awesome and apparently a great motivator.
There’s also something pretty dang awesome about packing a lunch for your kid. My kids have got to a point that they are able to make their own lunch, so I am happy to teach them that independence. As you can imagine they are excited when mom makes a lunch for them. So many time I am finding it’s the little things that show our children love. So I have made these printable lunch box notes  for you to be able to slip into your kids lunch to show them some love.
Here are the instructions to print:
1. Click the file you would like to print.
2. Once the larger version has opened, right click the image.
3. Click the “save file” option.
4. Open the file on your computer under the file you saved it as, and click”print”.

What are some fun thing you’ve done to make lunches fun and still healthy? What’s the next printable you would like to see? Hope you all have a good week. Where I am the weather is bleek and stormy. So I am hoping for a little warmer weather next week. Have a good one.

Healthy and fun kid friendly lunches and free printable lunch box notes