Happy National Waffle Day! And if you’re reading this any other day, its always a good day to eat waffles. Right? So in honor of this glorious day I’ve rounded up my favorite rare, unique, dare-I-say-hiptster, waffle ideas! Read through for some fun ideas including the fun waffle art I had today! Happy National Waffle Day friends.

fun waffle ideas

Fun Waffle Ideas

Waffle Art

Make waffles with whatever type of iron you have. I have two types so I made heart and round. Use them to cut into shapes like the petals. Dye the dough to get your colors. Voila!

Waffle Sandwiches

Make your normal waffles and then fill with ice cream. Here’s the recipe. Or here’s a couple more variations.




Drizzled Chocolate Waffles on a stick

Drizzle chocolate all over your waffle and then top with strawberries, cereal, sprinkles, crushed Oreos, or cheesecake bites.

 Chicken and Waffles

The classic chicken and waffles. And if you haven’t tried it before, it is good! Here’s a great recipe which includes a recipe for Tabasco syrup. Here’s the recipe.

Chicken and Waffles with TABASCO Maple Syrup

Pizza Waffles

This is what my dreams are made of. Pizza stuffed waffles. So, of course, I needed to include a recipe for this. Get the recipe for pizza waffles here.


Waffle Bites

Make your waffles and then cut them into small pieces. Dip each piece in chocolate. Done.

Ombre Waffles

This one is simple. Make some batter. Separate it into four bowls. Add just a slightly different amount of food coloring to each to create the ombre.

Fruit Waffles

This one is fun and twist on regular waffles. We always put strawberries or blueberries on waffles. But what about kiwi or pomegranates? Check it out here.

So there you have it. Time to bake your little ol’e waffle hearts out! And if you’ve got a fun waffle recipe comment below!