It has always been eye-opening for my children to look at how other children and cultures live throughout the world. Unfortunately, we are not able to travel the world regularly. Fortunately, there are lots of resources online that provide insights into how other people live. This is a list of the best websites I’ve found for children to learn about other cultures.

Read on to check out these great links to Learn about World Cultures:

  1. NPR Everything people own in one photo collection: Scroll through these 12 photos of 12 families. The photos show each family with all they own. The description talks about their work and daily life.
  2. Country Reports : Read facts about certain countries.
  3. National Geographic Kids: If you search for a country or city there are several links on National Geographic that you can research countries all over.
  4. Science Kids: This website has a list of multiple countries. If you click a country on the list it will share tons of facts about the country and a map.
  5. Students of the World: Check out this site that has so many countries listed with information. If you select the country it will give you organized facts about the country.
  6. Kids Travel: Watch kids travel around the world via Youtube.
  7. Holidays Around the World Free Printable: Grab this free holidays around the pack here.

So there you go! Happy learning and growing. My kids have loved seeing how other people live.

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