I’m going to share the tips and tricks that have helped me survive traveling, especially with children. There is a way and I’m happy to show what has worked for me. So here are the Best Travel Tips.
A couple months back my family was able to go on a cruise to Jamaica, Gran Cayman, and Cozumel. We cruised with our whole family and was able to enjoy the trip. Say, what?! So there is a way to go on a big vacation, to other countries, and actually enjoy yourself. First you can start by checking out my post I wrote about going on a cruise with kids here.

The Best Travel Tips & Tricks

 Second, now I’m going to share some of the best tips I have for traveling with kids. And later a packing list along with links to other packing list. I’ll also share some great travel websites too. Here we go.

Travel Tips & Tricks 

1. Make a list of things you want to do but be flexible. Plans always change, and it’s really hard to estimate time in places you’ve never been to.
2. Leave extra leisure time for relaxing, downtime, exploring, or doing something you didn’t plan on.
3. Bring at least one roll of paper towels. You can use paper towels for cleaning spills, wrapping valuables, as toilet paper, or even to write down thoughts worst case scenario.
4. Have cash, and put it in different places. Some places do not take card, so always carry cash. Tourists, though, are targets for pit-pocketers so have your cash in different places so it isn’t all taken if you unfortunately get robbed.
5. Use a flat iron to get our wrinkles. I’ve used mine so many times to help get our kinks in a pinch.
6. Remember your international connections and converters when traveling. Your regular US connections will not plug in to the outlets in other countries.
7. Bring super glue. You will find it comes in handy more than you would think. It can be used to fix clothing, jewelry, or even help heal a wound.
8. Bring a wide scarf. A scarf can be a fashion piece, wrapped around cold arms, head, neck, or even a beach cover-up in the heat. If it gets in the way you can always tie it to your bag.
9. Keep money in an old containers. This goes back to #4. Having yor money in old containers like lotion or chapstick bottles will keep it safe since no one suspects money to be kept there.
10. Take lots of photos. Seriously. Enjoy the moment, but know you will remember it better with just one photo.
11. Splurge. Sometimes it worth it to get that object. It will help you remember your travels. This also applies when getting ready for your trip. Get that new swimsuit or new dress. You won’t regret it. It makes the vacation that much more exciting and awesome. By the way, my swimsuit is from Kortni Jean who makes great swimsuits.
12. Eat and drink often. If everyone is fed and hydrated everyone will be happier. Do not spare on the food side. And in the meantime try some local food. Remember when you travel and have elevation change you get dehydrated.
13. Take time to talk to locals. See what they suggest. Learn a little about the culture, or at least some common phrases.
14. Expect your kids to misbehave and don’t care if others complain. So many people aren’t used to little kids and your kids aren’t used to jet-lag or sitting in one place for a eight hour flight. People are going to be uncomfortable. Expect it and don’t let it ruin your vacation. You’re doing the best you can.
15. Buy special travel toys that are special and new so the kids are excited. Also beings some favorites too.
16. Get Away Today is one of the easiest ways to plan and book a vacation!

Traveling Internationally

Ok. So there are some of the tips I live by. Now where you travel will definitely need some researching. So to get you on your way here’s some posts to help according to the region you are traveling to:
I’ve designed this packing list that you can print for free but wanted to share a few more in case you need options including some you can customize.

Printable Packing Lists


I hope this helps you get ready for your travels. You can do it! Hope you have the best vacation. And if you have any of your favorite tips be sure to leave them below.