So since I’m fresh and off of my family cruise I’d love to share some details that made my trip so much more enjoyable. And if you are considering going on a cruise or traveling with kids here are some of the best tips that worked for me.
Now, before i get into it I have to say how awesome going on a cruise with kids is! Ok ok, so it would have been awesome without them. But I loved going with my whole family to other countries.

Going on a cruise with kids cozemel mexico jamaica cayman islands carribean carnival
My children learned real life experience I could never simulate. For example, my kids learned about 600 pound turtles first hand and then snorkeled with them. Another example is as we were taking off in the airplane my sons and I were talking about the ailerons on the plane (the flaps on the wings). My kids learned first hand about the world. They got to walk through the streets of Jamaica and see experience people living completely different from them. Their little legs climbed Mayan ruins. That’s real world experience right there.
And my favorite part about cruising with my kids is that we were together. For me as their mother, being in these amazing places, was that much more exciting showing and teaching me children about the places we went.

If you are wondering we went on a six day Carnival cruise to Jamaica, Gran Cayman, and Cozumel. This post isn’t sponsored or anything by then but thought I would share some of the things that made my trip so fun.

If you haven’t gone on a cruise before it’s awesome. When you go on a cruise the fee covers the food, room and board on the ship, and many other activities. Depending on your cruise you will spend a little time cruising to your destination and then each day at different locations. Activities, drinks, on shore excursions, souvenirs, and odds and ends are not included in the cost. So plan for that.

Going on a cruise with kids cozemel mexico jamaica cayman islands carribean carnival

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Another thing to know is a lot of cruises have accommodations for kids. If you want to cruise with
kids be sure to check this out. On the cruise I just went on there was a childcare service called Camp Ocean for the children that was amazing. We did a bunch with the kids, but we also dropped them off and went to shows on the cruise ship or went and got dessert. So if you’re going to cruise with kids use the child care and don’t feel bad about it.

Look also for cruise lines with child friendly activities. The cruise ship we were on had mini gold and a kiddie splash pad. Also there are a ton of on shore excursions that are kid friendly. I’m Jamaica were went to a private beach and played in the water. When we were in the Cayman Islands we went to a giant turtle farm. They let the kids hold baby turtles. And my eight and five year old even learned to snorkel. In Mexico we toured Mayan Ruins which the kids loved and then went to them most amazing beach I’ve ever been on. We were able to find excursions that were fun for everyone.

Something that I can’t stress enough that made our vacation so smooth was tons of prep. I brought FIVE boxes of granola bars, tons of snacks, and new toys for the whole trip. I kept the kids fed and didn’t rush them. I also tried to do activities they were wanting to do and were excited about. We took time to nap and rest and had the best time.

I really loved going on this cruise with my kiddos. And we had a blast with them. Comment below with any tips or anything you’d like to add. Peace, love, and chicken grease.

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Here’s some fun prints I made from our trip. These are all animals we saw. You can print them here.

Traveling and going on a cruise with kids.