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Since I graduated from high school I didn’t play violin too much. But when my local stake (which is a boundary that forms congregations) had openings for their stake orchestra Christmas concert I practically ran to the sign up. See, I had loved playing my violin in an orchestra setting. And it had been years so I was thrilled to have a reason to get out my violin. 
Well the Christmas concert came and we were able to perform in the Provo Tabernacle. It isn’t a secret that I live in Provo. But since I wasn’t raised in Provo, I had never had the chance to go inside. Well when I walked in for a rehearsal my jaw dropped. The inside of the tabernacle was full of wood carved features and my favorite was the one large room with the organ. You can see photos and read about the history of this place here and here. Beautiful, eh?

Thankfully the next year I was again able to play for the Christmas concert inside the tabernacle. Well, the following Friday after our Stake Christmas Concert the tabernacle caught fire. This historic building was basically burned down. All of the interior was burnt leaving an outer shell. I have lived in Provo for almost ten years now, so when this happened many of my friends mourned. My facebook feed was full of memories and sad thoughts about the tabernacle.

You can see tons of photos here and here.

Well, you may already know, but a miracle happened with this structure. Somewhere along the recovery of the fire it was decided that they would turn the shell of the tabernacle into a LDS temple. This truly has been a site to watch. In order to rebuild the structure they had to lift the existing shell off the ground and dig below it. And as the temple has taken shape and been completed I have marveled at how beautiful it has become. 
Provo City Center Temple Print and Coloring Page Drawing
Well a couple weeks ago my family had a chance to go through the temple and see the inside. It. is. amazing. How they restored this place is simply a work of art. So I was definitely inspired when I left. And felt I should add this temple to my collection of temples I have already illustrated. So check out my illustration here. Or print a FREE temple coloring sheet here.  The temple coloring sheet is perfect for Family Home Evening (FHE), activity days, young womens, and just a fun way to connect after attending your Provo City Center Temple tour. 
When I go into a temple I feel peace. They are sacred places that allow me to connect to God. And I am so grateful for this monument in my own neighborhood that reminds me everyday that sometimes we are broken down to be built stronger.

Provo City Center Temple Print and FREE Coloring Sheet