If you’re a parent, you’ve most likely been there at one time, when your kids are driving you crazy. I’ll openly admit it, my kids have drove me crazy many… many times. It’s almost every day that they unroll the toilet paper, jump on the couches, yell at each other, decide the stairs are a slide for legos, or throw their food on the floor.

The toddler years are rough. Period. They turn a normal sane human into a babbling, sleep deprived, wheels-on-the-bus singing zombie. Now, I love my kids. Deeply. Like, I would do anything for them and fiercely defend them against anyone. But sometimes they choose to act like animals. There is no other way to describe it.
So below I am going to share how I am surviving momma hood.


1. Part of getting through having four young kids, three of them little boy cubs, has been to accept the chaos. My house is usually trashed. And that’s ok. It’s better than me beating the “uh huh” out of them.

2. I ask for help. Working from home and outside the home has forced me to get help. And it’s been the best. I have an assistant and housecleaner and as embarrassing as it is, I need it for my sanity. I also recently tried It Washed, which is a laundry service located in Utah, and it was amazing. P.S. I hate laundry. It’s like my worst nightmare and evil nemesis combined into one. So you can imagine how awesome it was to have my laundry done for me for a week! Hallelujah!

I wish I would have had more help before I was working too cause being a mom is a lot of work! Don’t be afraid even to ask for help babysitting from neighbors while you nap or clean. So many of my neighbors are willing to help cause they know, like you do, that motherhood is hard.

3. Now, as mother going through parenting without a handbook sometimes I have needed just to cry or vent about my day. And just the other day I noticed a mom doing just that online. I was surprised that there was judgement involved. So I had this idea. I created a group on Facebook, I’m sure there are others like it, where an mom can just rant. It’s called Mom Rant. And basically the idea of the group that you can share whatever is frustrating you without any judgement. The rules of the group are that you share validation and nothing else. If there are hints of judgement or even parenting suggestions then you may be asked to leave the group.

4. Make sure I get time for me. I try to make sure I reward myself for being a strong momma bear. I buy some sushi just for myself that day, eat a candy bar, or go shopping on my husbands days off. I also make sure I get some girl time when I need it.

5. Another way I’ve survived motherhood is by incorporating my kids into my hobbies. I used to have my work life and my home life. Now I meld them together. If I have to draw, the kids get to draw. If I’m going to an interview I bring my kids with me. And I feel less guilt and they feel more incorporated in my life. Win-win!

Every momma needs a safe place to share the frustrations that come with rearing human beings. We are amazing smart independent creatures and it’s exhausting to teach little minds while they develop. Like I mentioned before in this post, lets build each other up. I hope you have a beautiful day!High fives to you all!
My bag is from Newlie 
My dress and boots are from Salty Bae 
Noras Bows are from Little Poppy
The photos were taken by Keri Michelle Photo