Looking for a simple St. Patricks Day wreath? Check out this dollar store craft.

St. Patrick's Day Floral Hat Wreath

Learn to make this St. Patricks Day hat wreath with these super simple instructions. The hat itself is made under $10 and is a whimsical way to celebrate St. Patricks day. This wreath is so easy and made in less than 5 steps! Let’s get crafting.

What you need:St. Patrick’s day hat (found at the dollar store or here)

How to make it:

  1. Measure out your rope. With the rope you are going to make a Celtic knotted band to go around the hat. Now, most dollar store hats come with a band on it, so you could opt for no rope band if you wanted to or don’t have the rope. But to go with the whimsical look I added the rope band.
  2. Warm up your hot glue gun.
  3. You’ll create next a Celtic knot band. I watched this video to learn how to make mine. Here is the video to learn to tie Celtic knots.
  4. With your warmed hot glue gun, glue the rope band around the hat.
  5. Next glue the flowers starting with the largest flowers. It helps to position the flowers before gluing them. You can position them asymmetrical like I did or however you like.
  6. Last you may want to glue some ribbon across the back horizontally for hanging.
  7. And that’s it!
St. Patrick's Day Floral Hat Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Floral Hat Wreath
St. Patrick's Day Floral Hat Wreath

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