Last week I was able to speak at the Be You Women’s Retreat about how to let your light shine. We all have a unique light to shine so I wanted to share my message here along with the slides and worksheet I used. Here is my presentation and slides.

How to Let Your Light Shine
How to Let Your Light Shine


Who are you? Right now, this second, do you know who you are?

How to Let Your Light Shine

Where did you come from?

So much of where we’ve been shapes who we are now. The trails and hardships we’ve overcome shape our light that we can share today. At the conference I shared my miscarriage stories that you can find here and here. Through my miscarriages I learned a lot. I learned that I am strong, that it’s ok for me to be weak, that it’s ok to let others help you, and the value of tribe.

Where do you want to go?

Think of what your life will look like in five years. How about 10 years? Knowing where we want to go helps us know where to focus out energy and light.

Describe yourself in five words.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How to Let Your Light Shine

What lights your fire?

We can’t start a fire if we don’t know what ignites it.
Passions? What do you gravitate towards? If you could think of one activity to do right now that would get you excited (other than napping) what would it be? You can read my passion story here.

What is dimming your light?

Fear, trauma, anger, control? When we are ready, we need to stop burying these feelings. We need to work on healing or learning and moving throwing that trial. These feelings are not bad. They mean we are human.

My husband and I have been struggling in our marriage for years. We’re currently on our third therapist. And it has been so beneficial for me to address the traumas that I’ve happened in my life where possible.

Doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, if you want to shine a little brighter you can right now. We all will have hard experinces. Some we will have little to no control over. But Lady Gaga said, “It’s your right to curate your life”. You can decide right now how to move forward so you can be filled with light.

What fuels your fire?

What keeps your fire burning is different for everyone. For me, I love to step outside, exercise, or take time to connect with God, my higher power. While I can’t tell you personally how to keep your fire burning bright, here are some ways that may get you started.

6 ways I invite light-

movement – Exercise and dancing gets those endorphins pumpin.

smiling – Smile. Just try it! Smile right now. In turn, try smiling at someone else. It sends happy chemicals shooting through your brain.

laugh – Find a reason to smile every day. Read a funny meme. Laugh at yourself.

hugging – Touch is powerful. And it has been proven that a 20 second hug can calm the brain. My husband and I hug for 20 seconds every day when he gets home from work.

meditation – Take time to stop and be still. Connect with whatever higher power you believe in. Practice some meditation techniques from here.

gratitude – Write 10 things youre grateful for every day.

Every single day you need self-care. What does that mean for you?
That means making time for you. I used to feel bad for needing a moment of silence. But you deserve a deep breath, validation, and love on the daily.
Invite light into our lives. We have to be open to connection and give ourselves opportunities to connect. We have to open emotionally to accept light and then radiate it.

how to let your light shine
how to let your light shine

We all have unique talents and gifts to share with the people around us. And can you imagine how many people you influence? This doesn’t have to do with Instagram numbers or how many friends you have. The store clerk you smile at and in turn she smiles to her child. You children who will have children and children. Your friends who have family and children that may feel happier because of your light. We cannot measure how far our light reaches. And even if your light brings happiness to one person, it is worth it to share. Have courage. Spread your wings and shine!