It’s raining diaper bags over here! Like, just look at me! Ha! So, I have had FIVE kids over the course of ELEVEN years. And during this time I have used tons of different diaper bags. So today I’m sharing my comparison of 15 diapers bags I’ve actually used. 

Each of these bags I have actually used, like I used for months at a time to the point that they’re stained and worn and I can tell you what I absolutely love about them and what I really didn’t. Plus, I’m going to give you the specs, pictures of angles and details of each bag so you get what’s perfect for you! And at the bottom of the post I go over my favorites for different stages of life, my top 3 favorites, and an awesome side by side comparison of them all.

This post is a little long to cover all the bags.  So here is the structure: 

  • Comparison Chart
  • Comparison at a glace
  • In Depth Comparison in Alphabetical Order

Ready? Let’s dive in and get this diaper bag comparison going!

Diaper Bag Comparisons At-A-Glace

Best diaper bag for the price:

Land  and Skip Hop

Most pockets:

Lily and Jade 

Most unique patterns:

JujuBe and Petunia Pickle Bottom

Best transitional:

Freshly Picked City Pack

Best bag for multiple kids:

Petunia Pickle Bottom and  Freshly Picked Classic

Real Leather Diaper Bags:

Myarka  and Lily and Jade 

Favorite Bag :
Freshly Picked Classic

Diaper Bag In Depth Comparison


The Bodomint diaper bag is an awesome neutral and the space is amazing. The inside compartment can hold my full sized laptop no problem. And there are many pockets inside which I love as well. Downsides to me of this bag is the material as it isn’t easy to clean without throwing it in the washing machine.

bodomint diaper bag one of the bags featured in my diaper bag comparison


This Fawn Bag is definitely a classic bag that has been seen on celebrities and the girl next door. It’s super versatile and I’ve seen ladies without kids sporting this bag. So I love the Fawn because of its ability to transition and ample space inside.

Downsides for me are there is no changing pad and I wouldn’t mind a little more organization. But I have found that you can buy an organizing insert in the website. Another thing is the straps do tend to slip. Things I absolutely love is the inside! It’s vegan leather lined so you don’t have to worry about stains and spills.

Freshly Picked Classic

This Freshly Picked diaper bag is one of my most used and favorites. The flap at the top is great for on the go, the straps comfortable, and the inside spacious with organization. The straps are comfortable and adjustable. The tassel on the zipper pull is the perfect accent. 

Some things I didn’t love is the snaps on the outside that create that cute cinched bag look don’t always stay closed, especially if the bag is full. And the straps have unsnapped twice on me. Still, I’ve used this bag for months and the ebony hides the wear well. So this may be my #1.

freshly picked classic diaper bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison

Freshly Picked Carry All

This Freshly Picked bag is an awesome one for the momma who wants a stylish “purse” looking bag. I love this bag for more dressier events but I still have my baby. It has ample pockets and a cross body strap. I, however, personally prefer a bag with more of a flip closure instead of relying on the zipper solely.

Freshly Picked City Pack

The Freshly Picked City Pack is an awesome alternative to the large carry all and works perfect for the minimalist mom or transitioning mom. I have friends who use this bag everyday even though they don’t have an infant so this bag is the perfect size for older children. I personally love the details and wipe down nylon. But for my stage of life and tendency to “hoard” items this bag is a little too small for my liking.


The Jujube is awesome for its unique pockets, stretch lanyards, and wipeable inside. Plus the straps are super comfortable! This bag comes in several different colors and styles. The downsides for me have been the lack of a flip over top which is a personal preference. Also until recently they didn’t offer vegan leather which is my preference for look. That being said I know many who love this bag.

jujube diaper bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison
jujube diaper bag . one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison


I love this diaper bag because it simply doesn’t look like one. And while it isn’t a backpack style it’s a great alternative for a light weight bag or bag for a more dresser event. I like having this on hand as it’s easy to grab and go and the straps are comfortable.

happ diaper bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison


This bag is the best bang for your buck my friends coming in at a whopping $27! You get loads of pockets, the backpack style that is so trendy, and a decently durable bag. Downsides are it is pretty popular so if you’re wanting a unique bag, this may not be your jam. And on top of that, some pockets are oddly sized. But hey, for the price, it cannot be beat.

Lily & Jade

This bag looks and is built so sturdy! It’s one of the only bags that is genuine leather and because of it it is super structured. One of my favorite things about the lily and jade bags is the organizational insert in the middle that is removable! I mean if you don’t have the kids you can take it out and use it for date night. I also love that quality. I personally however don’t prefer the backpack straps compared to other bags. I don’t feel like they are as comfortable.

lily and jade diaper bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison


This is one of my favorite bags because it offers some amazing storage and pockets! And I love pockets. It also has ample space and is made of beautiful leather but isn’t too heavy. Because of this it was really easy to carry around and provided awesome storage for this busy momma. 

Downsides however is that the inside isn’t spill proof. And the straps occasionally slipped. It is so comfortable to use however that it is one of my top three!


I used this bag for a while and love the affordability of it as well as the sophisticated look. The lock on the outside is awesome as well as the nylon and vegan leather style on the outside. Downsides to me are the backpack straps aren’t the most comfortable.

newly diaper bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison

Petunia Pickle Bottom

This is one of my top three favorite bags because of the size and style. This bag has a spacious inner area as well as a laptop pocket On the back. And in addition it has a cool zip out changing pad that detaches for cleaning that is unique to the bag.

The brand offers tons of different styles and colors too. This was my original diaper bag and helped launched the mommy backpack trends over a decade ago so I have to give mad props to this brand.

petunia pickle bottom . one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison


This is a perfect transition bag for the older toddler or minimalist mama. It still has some awesome storage, a wet bag, and insulated pockets, but minimizes the space. I love as well that the inside is easily cleaned.

ryla bag. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison
ryla. one of the bags featured on my diaper bag comparison

Skip Hop

The skip hop bags are awesome because they offer some great options for the modern momma and the more traditional momma at a really great price! And the bags are super sturdy. I’ve had a couple of these and most offer wipe out insides and loads of pockets.