For the first month or so after having my baby I had a hard time getting my creative mojo back here on the blog and on Instagram. And I allowed myself to take a little break as I should have. But, after a couple of months, I felt like I was in a lull and had lost my drive that propelled my workflow in the past. Then today I had someone ask how to get your creative workflow back so I’ve written up the ways to be more creative here.

These are things that have worked for me in my business but you can use these tips generally outside of business. Also, I still have moments where I feel less inspired and it’s ok. No matter how much you’re oozing with creativity, burnout happens to the best of us. Inspiration can take time and it’s best to be patient with ourselves. Here’s some ideas to try.

Ways to Be More Creative

Ways to Be More Creative

Whats Holding You Back?

The first thing I did was I realized that I had just had a baby and it apparently is important that I don’t overload myself and allow myself to recover. Second, I’ve found that my kids and life can consume me mentally so I have to set aside time to be creative. So I make sure to sett aside time just to do something creative and fun which I mention below. What’s holding you back?


Go Back to Brand Basics

To focus myself and take a step back I like to think about the core of what I’m doing:

1. What are your creative goals?

2. If you could pick three words to describe your brand/ your mission/ drive for creativity what would they be?

3. Now, what are ways you can work towards those goals and projects that facilitate?

Soak Up Inspiration

Surf Pinterest in my niche. Even walking around Target (their designs and marketing is inspiring haha) or looking at some of my favorite Instagram accounts helps.

Surround Yourself with What Inspires You

My home and office is decorated with things that make my heart warm and my mind explore. Make sure your creative space, even if thats your living room, is inspiring you and creating a space that makes your imagination soar.

Get Challenged

Another way that gets me motivated is when others give me a task. Like, I feel like I’m giving people what they want and it gives me a deadline and drive. Ask your followers on Instagram if you’re a brand or look through analytics. From there focus your creativity on a project.

Just Do It

Even if you’re not a creative person. Grab a pen and paper or loads of random craft supplies and just make whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be anything or even something good. But just letting yourself create unrestricted is inspiring.

Go Outside

Nature is inspiring. And for me getting outside clears my mind and allows me to think more clearly.

Call Your Creative Friend

And if all else fails call your creative friend. Ask her about her projects and passion. Or get together with her to work on one of her projects. Some of that creative energy is sure to rub off.

And here’s another post about creativity and why creativity is so important. And some other great posts. Hope these tips on ways to be more creative help. Hope you get your creative mojo back soon you awesome fox, you. Good luck!!